Why You Need To Add Video To Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Every day more than 4 million blog posts are being written. And trust me, the market is flooding with articles. Then how do you expect your brand to have a chance to stand out?

If you think that you can bring traffic through display ads, here is a piece of news. When the competition increases, the clickthrough rates on display ads also decrease.

Now what?

Video marketing can be the solution if you want your content marketing to be more effective. In 2021, every business is using videos of any sort as marketing tools. And if you are avoiding videography in your content marketing, thinking that you have to hire a whole department for professional videos, it’s not true.

Now you can outsource your projects to a corporate videography company to shoot high-quality videos for your brand.

The increasing popularity of video marketing is evident. But why must you invest in video marketing?

Here is the list of the top 3 reasons why this is the right time to add video marketing to your content marketing strategy and why video marketing can be the best fit for you.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Must Invest In Video Marketing

Why You Need To Add Video To Your Content Marketing Strategy

Videos Provide Valuable Information

When massive traffic visits your website and cannot figure out what you offer or what your business does, they leave the site. That is when the bounce rate increases, this means you should hire an international seo consultant. Remember that when you launch something new in the market, the concept can be foreign to most.

If you can memorize when Airbnb was launched, many people failed to understand the model of Airbnb. And that is why Airbnb decided to add a video to their landing page to explain Airbnb. And trust me, the studies found that Airbnb encountered a boost in their conversion rate by 10%.

Adding a video to your landing page with the help of video production Seattle can actually increase your conversions by as much as 90%.When your users understand what your business does, they can better connect to your brand. Remember that you must clearly state the problem you are solving in your video and how you are beneficial for your target audience.

You Can Reach Out To New Set Of Audience

Many companies don’t like to invest in video marketing because they think it’s a significant investment of money, effort, and time. But remember that when you invest in video marketing, it gives you a competitive edge. Though big businesses are investing in social media campaigns and email marketing, not all are investing in video marketing. Thus, video marketing can be a personal tool to convert more.

Right now, when the market is becoming more and more saturated, it’s a chance to stand out from the pack. Research shows that more than 50% of people like to see video content from marketers.

It Increases Conversion

Video gives a unique human touch to your target audience. That is why it’s a great way to convey your message in a more specialized way and convert viewers. But remember, if your video content is not compelling enough, it can disappoint you while falling flat.

If you only create sales-focused videos, your audience would never like to watch them. Instead, your video content must be engaging as well as relevant to your business. If your video content resonates with your target audience, it will help you a better return on your investment.

As per research, consumers feel more confident about making a purchase when they watch a product or service video.

Videos can be used to optimize websites and generate more leads turning more visitors into customers. Explainer videos can enhance your product pages and entice prospects. You can collaborate with a website explainer video production company that uses the latest video production techniques and have a team of skilled animators who can bring your vision to life.

What more are you looking for? When you know the benefits of investing in video marketing, start creating videos for your own business. EWR digital offers commercial videography service and produce quality video content for businesses. Visit our website to know more about us.

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