Your Definitive Guide to Wearing Silk Robe Coats + Street Style Ideas

Silk robe coats are swiftly becoming a popular fashion fad nowadays, more so with A-list celebrities who are spotted wearing this fashion piece. Khloe Kardashian, Giorgia Tordini, Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Ariel Winter, and many other celebrities are seen wearing their silk robe coats. Who says silk robes are only for nightwear? In this article, we take a look more at what these silk robe coats are, plus street style ideas you should rock with.

Your Definitive Guide to Wearing Silk Robe Coats + Street Style Ideas
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Are you looking for the best summer cover-up style? This is the perfect season to wear silk robe coats. If you are looking for that effortless authentic look, you must invest in silk robe coats. In addition to celebrities who are wearing silk robe coats when in the streets of various cities in the United States and worldwide, some fashionistas and influencers are following this trend when attending events like the New York Fashion Week.

A silk robe coat is touted as a fashionable dream that has come true. It is a popular trend during the season of summer, simply because it is both stylish and comfortable wear. Plus, it is also easy to wear silk robe coats. You can pair silk robe coats with a simple tee and your favorite jeans, plus more. They are easy to wear, thus are perfect for those who are in a hurry. Silk robe coats may also be worn with body-con styles if you prefer to add a useful twist to the tight styles. The silk robe coat is the perfect game changer when you are wearing your all-white outfit. Include the silk robe coat in your team of dresses.

Did you know silk robe coats are also suitable for hijab fashion? Muslim women who need to wear hijab as part of their culture can easily slip on this long jacket for that ideal modest look. You have learned a glimpse of the matching with the silk robe coat, let us take a look at more details about the silk robe coat and the best street style ideas you can mimic.

 What Is A Silk Robe Coat?

Silk is a great material of choice for the robe coat. Silk is a breathable fabric that regulates temperature naturally. It also helps the body keep the heat during the cold weather, while it expels excess heat in warm weather. Thus, they help the body maintain comfort naturally. Silk also has hypoallergenic properties, never attracting dust mites, and is a natural repellant of fungi.

The silk robe coat is the newest fashion sensation. This is actually a staple wear in the bedroom, so those who will wear them for the first time when heading outdoors might wonder whether they look good on them. Well, in fact, you got the thumbs-up of many celebrities who are slaying the style when they wear silk robe coats in public.

There are several ways on how you can wear a silk robe coat. First, you can turn them into a coat that pairs with your usual outfit, the tee and the pants, or anything. By the way, they are not just great for the summer, but silk robe coats are also recommended to wear during the autumn season.

Then, you can use the silk robe coat as a top. Wear it with pins or brooches, tuck them in, or tuck them out. It depends on your preferences. You may also wear the silk robe coat as a dress.

At first, it may seem that the silk robe coat is formalwear. It is, but you can also rock the silk robe coat for casual styles, like when visiting the mall, walking the streets, or maybe even when walking your dog.

The silk robe coat is likewise the perfect fashion piece when you want to showcase the Bohemian-inspired style. Thinking if you can wear this in the office? Absolutely. Exude that chic look when wearing this fashion piece in the office. Impress your boss, catch the attention of your co-workers, be in the limelight, and more.

Of course, wearing them on formal occasions will make you look your best. You have known how beautiful it is to wear them with a simple tee, jeans, and more, they also look good when worn with your full ball skirt or the pleated one.

Several brands are known to offer the silk robe coat. They include Urban Outfitters, Oscar Rossa, Fishers Finery, Ledamon, LelaSilk, KIM+ONO, soma, Lunya, GINIA, and Gingerlily, among many others.

 Street Style Ideas with Silk Robe Coats

In the world of fashion, street style is referred to as an addictive, viral, and instant fashion style that is taking the industry by storm. Simply imagining the merging of street style with this silk robe coat that is usually your nightwear is already beautiful.

Here are some street-style ideas with silk robe coats.

Silk robe coats can also be in the form of silk kimonos. Wear them out of bed, styling them like a long jacket on top of your jeans with a dark-colored tank top. Do not forget to take a photograph of your style with the outdoor street as your background.

Or, you can wear the silk robe coat on top of your white-colored shirt and that pair of classic cropped high-waist jeans. Simplicity and luxury rolled into one.

For those who are looking to exude charisma and catch the attention of onlookers, wear the silk robe coat with a black shirt and cropped flare jeans. Walk your look.

Silk robe coats also look great on a white shirt plus your reworked jeans. This will provide the low-key style when you want to look fashionable, yet do not want to catch too much of the attention.

Let us take your styling up a notch by pairing the silk robe coat with your workout jeans, wait up, those compressed leggings or jogging pants? You read that right. Silk robe coats also look perfectly good with those workout clothes.

You have heard about wearing silk robe coats with pants, how about skirts? Yes, you can wear the silk robe coat even with your skirts, short shorts, and dresses. Keep on rocking with those silk robe coats.

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