Latest Marketing Trends You Should Focus in 2021

Few would argue that internet marketing has been and continues to be the engine of commerce. But times are changing, so are the approaches to promotion. Classical instruments fade into the background, giving way to new and modern ones. In this situation, it is important to keep your finger on the pulse so as not to be left on the sidelines of the business. The article will help you understand the current approaches to marketing and choose the appropriate promotion channels.

content marketing

Discounts, promotions, sales

Let’s start with reasonable, good and eternal. An offer to buy a product at a price slightly below the market average will always resonate in the hearts and wallets of buyers. But it’s the 21st century, and the approach to discounts and sales has changed a lot in comparison with what it was 10 years ago. Buyers have learned once or twice to recognize the tricks of marketers. Offering “50 percent discount to everyone who calls right now” or “total warehouse sale” will not entice anyone. Consumer cynicism is rampant and all-out ad campaigns are losing popularity

It is for this reason that in 2020 the direction of personalization of discounts continues to develop. The approach is this: not just anyone can buy this product cheaper, but only you, our dear and beloved client.

This has a number of advantages

The buyer becomes more loyal due to the fact that the company addresses him personally; a person understands the mechanism of the formation of a discount. Yesterday he bought a laptop from an online store and received a promotional code that gives a 10 percent discount on his next purchase. Today I received 100 points for a bonus card for my birthday. And so on: everything is transparent, understandable and clear;

Personal discounts have more conversion. It’s one thing to see a sale in a contextual ad, and quite another to see a sale in your email. In the first case, banner blindness will work, and the  advertisement may simply not be read.

Content marketing

And here we are talking about a stable trend of the past few years. Site owners have promoted through content in the past, using it as the basis of SEO, Facebook and even Instagram promotion. How does it work? It’s very simple: fill the resource with interesting, useful and high-quality content, and let the algorithms bring it to the first lines of search results. Usually we are talking about well-known blogs, when the site contains articles on topics of interest to the user. An auto parts store can write tips for car repairs, a cosmetics website can write about the secrets of proper makeup, and a sports nutrition salon can write about safe and effective workouts. Don’t forget one important tip – Instagram has improved the search algorithm, so when you want to find something through the search box, it will be easier to get relevant results. Current algorithm works perfectly for the people that create Instagram content for the users and not for the algo, says the content writer from https://seomeetup.com/blog/seo-conferences.

At the same time, the website of the online store is gaining a relevant semantic core and visitors get to it for a wide range of high, medium and low frequency queries. Making a lead out of it and selling a product is a matter of technology.

Content marketing isn’t just about articles. You can promote with any content: videos, infographics, photographs, and so on. The main condition is that the content of the site must solve the problem that the visitor formulated in the search query.

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