Lash Lift: What Is It & Why Should You Train

lash lift

What is Lash Lift?

Lash lift is a professional treatment which gently realigns the shape of the natural eyelashes into a curl that enhances the appearance of the eye area. This popular salon treatment is suitable for all clients as it can be completely tailored to suit all with unique curling wands that give options of a natural curl or a dramatic upward sweep.

Lash Perfect Lash Lift offers professional quality products which create results which last up to 6-8 weeks! The treatment can then be repeated to re-curl the lashes.

Why Train in Lash Lift?

Lash Lift is a highly profitable natural lash treatment that can be performed in 30-45 minutes. The treatment is incredibly versatile, and is popular with clients everywhere.

Training in lash lift is suitable for beginners to the industry, small independent businesses, mobile therapists and lash and brow technicians.

How Does Lash Lift Work?

Lash lift is a professional treatment which should only be performed by a technician trained in the treatment. Whether you’re looking to get the treatment for yourself, or train in lash lifting, it is key to understand the steps of the treatment.

Step 1: Consultation

The Lash Lift Curling Wands will be selected according to the client’s lashes and expectations. A J curl lash lift gives a dramatic lift, whereas a C curl lash lift provides a more natural sweep.

Step 2: Gel Patches & Lash Prep

Gel patches will be applied, then lashes are cleansed using a lash primer

Step 3: Fixing the Lashes in Place

Curling Wands will be fixed to the eyelids using a fixing adhesive. Then the lashes will be fixed in place around the curling wands, in the correct shape.

Step 4: Lifting Cream

The Lifting Cream will be applied to the lashes. This product breaks apart the disulphide bonds (the bonds that hold the hair in shape) within the natural eyelash. This allows the hair to be molded into its new shape in the next step.

This product is left on the hair for a set time, depending on the condition of the natural lashes. After this time, it is thoroughly removed.

Step 4: Setting Cream

The second cream applied is the Setting Cream – this is the most important part of the process as it fixes the hair into its new shape around the curling wand. The Setting Cream adds oxygen and ‘oxidises’ the eyelash. This process reforms and realigns the disulphide bonds into their new position and sets the hair into place.

This product is left on the hair for a set time, depending on the condition of the natural lashes. After this time, it is thoroughly removed.

Optional Tint

Combining the Lash Lift with a tint results in an even more dramatic look!

Step 5: Finishing the Lash Lift Treatment

After the above steps have been completed, the lashes will be released from the curling wands, and a nourishing lash serum will be applied. This leaves the lashes smooth and glossy. The curling wands will be gently removed from the eyelids, and then the client can open their eyes to see the lash lift results!

Who Should You Train With?

Lash Perfect Group (formerly The Eyelash Design Company) supplies professional accredited lash and brow products worldwide, and is constantly researching new products and treatments to keep you at the very top of your professional beauty game.

As a company, Lash Perfect Group have remained true to their initial philosophy – to offer the very best products and training to the professional eyelash and eyebrow treatment market. They extensively research and test products and use only the best possible ingredients and materials.

Lash Perfect Group, with their dedicated online training platform, offer popular, accredited training courses in lash extensions, lash lift, brow lamination and styling, and microblading. There are various training options and kits available, whether you’d like to complete your training journey online or face-to-face!

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