Branded Watches Make up Your Personality

Luxury watches are the combined impression of craftsmanship which has a stylish aesthetic and are much more valuable than normal watches. These watches are manufactured manually which are high in both quality and price. If you will have a luxury look you will have various advantages like people will think that you belong to an elite group and then you will start gaining respect and attention.

Branded Watches Make up Your Personality
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Benefits of having a luxury watch

    • It gives you a smart look – if you will have a luxury and a branded watch tied on your wrist them if will give you a smart look in front of others. Many findings tell that people who wear luxury watches are considered smart and intelligent in front of people who wear normal watches. If you will wear a branded watch then you will fall in the category of smart people.


    • You will be taken seriously by other people – have a luxury watch on your wrist will communicate to other people about your status which will bound them to take you seriously and they will want to be like you. If you will wear a normal watch in a meeting and go then people will consider you a normal person. But while meeting when you have to give a presentation and as presentation requires many hand movements, and if you will wear a luxury watch then they will pay more attention to you because they will consider you an elite person.
Branded Watches Make up Your Personality
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    • You will stand out of the crowd – as luxurious watches are very costly so when you will have one people and others will have a normal watch because it’s a mindset of people that the person who wears luxury watch is rich and then you will always stand out of the crowd.


    • It will upgrade your status – as an average person cannot buy branded watch because it is very expensive, and if you have it people will have an impression about you that you belong to an elite group. If you will wear a branded watch then it will open doors to success in both professional and personal life because it will make you feel worthy.


Among various luxury brands, Patek Philippe is one such independent brand that comes in the best watches in the world. The major categories which come under the Patek Philippe collection are listed below:

    1. Nautilus – This is the category of sports watch which helps the company to enter the market in 1976. It will best suit casual dresses than a formal dress.


    1. Aquanaut – this watch was introduced in the market in the year 1997 which is an affordable alternative to Nautilus Patek Philippe watch.


    1. Calatrava – this is a dress watch that has a round dial and was released in 1920. This watch has a simple and elegant look and shows only date and time, and the blank canvases of this watch are paved with diamonds.


    1. Complications – these watches have a great range from simple to deeply decorative watches. These watches are a kind of mechanical device that does not tell time only.


    1. Grand complications – it has 34 models which include minute repeaters, incredible celestial maps, tourbillions, and all these watches are personified with Haute Horlogerie.


    1. Golden Ellipse – these watches were introduced in 1968 and are truly oblong and are ultra-thin watches.


    1. Twenty-4 – These are a type of dress watch for women.


During the time of the great depression, Calatrava was launched by Patek mainly for draining the bank accounts of America and Europe. These are premium types of dress watches that will make your personality while you will wear them.

Benefits of having Patek Philippe Calatrava luxurious watch

Branded Watches Make up Your Personality
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    • They are rare – as other branded luxurious watches are produced over a million in number in a year these watches are not produced like this, and the reason behind this thing is that the watch has a unique and incredibly detailed design. For just the basic types it almost takes nine months, and the complex models are completed in almost two years.


    • They have an elegant design – these watches hold real shinning elements because of which these watches are exquisitely designed. It will give you a unique beauty because every detail of the watch is hand finished. The dials of the watch have faceted batons, and are polished with hands.


    • Excellent investment – if you want a watch that will look double what you have invested then this is the perfect choice for you.

What makes Patek Philippe Calatrava so valuable?

Branded Watches Make up Your Personality
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    • Expertise – this watch is considered as the masterpiece which is manufactured with modern high technology machinery.


    • Tradition – it has been 177 years since these watches are being manufactured which gives you excellent results from that time.


    • Quality – the quality you will get in these watches it’s a bet you will not get to see in any other luxury watches.

Types of Patek Philippe Calatrava

Branded Watches Make up Your Personality
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    1. 5297 Calatrava – this watch has a diamond-paved bezel and also diamond indicators. The dial of the watch is black and shows date with time.


    1. 5196 Calatraava – this watch comes with a minimalist subdual that shows running seconds.


    1. 5196P Platinum Calatrava – this watch is subtle and refine which comes with platinum material. It has a minimalist subdial that shows seconds.


    1. 6006 Calatrava – this watch is a combination of both sport and military watches and has a pointer date feature.


    1. 5088 Platinum Calatrava – this watch has an engraved black enamel dial.

If you will have this watch you will stand out from the crowd. Everyone will notice your watch which will separate you from others because of which people will start admiring you. the watch on your wrist will act as eye candy for others. Wherever you will go people will think that they should also have a watch. Patek Philippe Calatrava is a good choice to make if you are looking for luxury watches. The most amazing part of these watches is that they never get outdated. Even if you sell these watches after 20 years you will not sell at fewer prices.

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