Top 5 Smartwatch for Women for Smart Fitness

A smartwatch does not only have to be stylish but it needs to perform a very important role; that of being a personal trainer. If you are looking for a fitness smartwatch for women, here are a few options to consider. If you’re on a budget, check these smartwatches out.

Smartwatch for women for smart Fitness

Kate Spade Touch Screen Smartwatch

The Kate Spade smartwatch provides you with activity tracking, smartphone notifications and weather alerts. You can also set it depending on the time zone you want. It can also perform functions such as playing music, making lists, and setting reminders. You can also customize the smartwatch to suit your needs. It has an estimated battery life of 24 hours depending on how you use it. You can also access the Google Assistant voice command.

 Michael Kors Smartwatch

The Michael Kors smartwatch is glamorous and offers around the display for that increased clarity. It is compatible with both android and iPhone smartphones. The smartwatch comes with multiple display faces and interchangeable straps. Thus, you can easily customize it to suit your needs. Other functions include app notifications, social media updates, built-in fitness tracking, and text and email alerts.

 Skagen Hybrid Smartwatch

The Skagen hybrid is a 36mm smartwatch with a wide range of features. You can connect to either your iPhone or Android smartphone to receive self-filtered notifications whenever you get a call, email or text. The smartwatch automatically updates on the correct date and time. It uses the CR2430 coin cell battery that has a battery life of up to six months. Some of its features are sleep tracking, music programming, and phone finder.

Fossil Gen 4 Smartwatch

The fossil gen 4 smartwatch is another best smartwatch for women. It comes in a classic design and a 40mm touchscreen. It enables you to receive notifications, monitors your heart rate, and customizes your dial. The untethered GPS allows you to play music and track the run distance. You can use the watch as an alarm and set it on any time zone you prefer. The watch is compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones.

Smartwatch for women for smart Fitness

Samsung Gear Sport

You can use the Samsung gear sport smartwatch for your fitness tracking whether on land or water. In addition to tracking your fitness, you can use the watch for tracking your calories. Use it to control your home functions such as the TV, door locks and even lights. You can also review the calendar and updates.

Apple Watches Series 4 Smartwatch

The Apple watch series 4 has undergone re-engineering and redesign. It now provides you with a large display and an electrical heart sensor. One of its advanced features is cadence and pace alerts for runners. You can also use it to share activities as well as compete with others. The smartwatch also allows you to communicate through phone calls. Stream music and listen to podcasts just from your smartwatch.

A smartwatch does not have to be boring; it can be stylish and still help you accomplish your fitness goals. There are plenty of smartwatch varieties for women. So, the next time you are thinking of buying the best smartwatch for women you know where to start looking.

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