Must-have Skills And Tips For Aspiring Makeup Artist

It’s no secret that makeup is powerful – after all, studies show that wearing makeup can make us feel confident, and even boost our self-esteem. And, it goes without saying that this is one of the main goals of an aspiring makeup artist  – to make the client feel confident, while creating an on-trend look. However, for those who wish to become professional makeup artists in the future, there are many essential skills and tips you should know.

Tips For Aspiring Makeup Artists

The Color Wheel and Your Makeup

You’ll most likely already be familiar with the color wheel if you’ve ever been in an art class before, but you might have never thought about associating it with makeup. In truth, makeup is an art, and should be treated as such – meaning that the color wheel (a wheel of colors which helps to show the relationship between them) can become a major asset in your makeup artist skills. Knowing which colors agree with each other and which don’t can help in many ways when it comes to doing makeup, and can help you create a great look no matter what. Despite all that, don’t be afraid to play around with your makeup and experiment – you could end up discovering color combos you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Tips For Aspiring Makeup Artists

Skin undertones also play a big role in what colors look best on you and your clients. Having knowledge about skin undertones and how to determine them is a great skill that can come into use quite often throughout your career, as this can help you determine what color of blush and foundation can go well with a specific skin tone, and can even help you find that perfect shade of red lipstick for any of your clients. Ensuring that a client looks their best should be your main goal, and knowing what colors work for them is a must. One way you can work on this is by practicing on friends and determining which colors to use based on their undertones. After all, practice makes perfect.

Makeup for Everyone and Any Occasion

By practicing on other people, you’ll not only gain experience, but you’ll quickly realize that everyone’s face is different – whether it be in regards to skin tone, eye structure, or face shape. Not to mention that practicing on other people can also allow you to learn how to create new looks for multiple occasions.

While it’s important for any budding aspiring makeup artist to pay attention to new, upcoming, and relevant makeup trends and tools, it’s also equally as important to be able to create event appropriate looks for any occasion – which is why keeping in touch with trends on social media and in the magazines is a must in order to know what’s hot and new. From natural and casual looks to full-on glitz and glam and everything in between – as a makeup artist, you must be ready for anything a client can request. Offering your makeup services is great, but offering variety is where it counts, as it can allow you to cater to the needs of many people. Learning skills like contouring, creating different eye looks, and other techniques can give you a wide range of skills to draw from when someone requests anything from a holiday makeup look to a natural look for everyday wear.

Tips For Aspiring Makeup Artists

Considering Formal Education

While becoming an aspiring makeup artist is a great way to get your feet wet in the makeup world, it’s also a great idea to consider formal education to really hone your skills and gain experience and knowledge for the long run. This is especially a great idea for those who want a more structured learning experience. Not only will you learn many skills you may have not known before, but you’ll learn so much more – such as the science behind the makeup and what looks good and why, along with how to handle clients and what to charge – which can all help to prepare you for your career and build it successfully, not to mention give you a leg up in the industry.

Becoming a makeup artist is a great career path for many reasons. Not only do you get to make people feel empowered, but you can also boost someone’s self-confidence with a great makeup look. By learning the essential and necessary skills, you’re sure to lead a successful and long lasting career in the makeup industry.

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