7 Things You Can Learn from the Best Beauty Gurus on YouTube

From perfecting your highlight to starting your own beauty channel, here are seven things you can learn from the best beauty gurus on YouTube.

YouTube plays a major role in the way most women (and men) are buying beauty products. In the past, potential customers had to visit a makeup counter in order to try out products and learn what they will like.

But today, all you have to do is visit YouTube, and you can find posts from professionals who make a living reviewing and recommending products. But those reviews aren’t the only thing these vloggers have to offer.

Read on to learn more about the kind of advice you can expect from the beauty gurus on YouTube.

best beauty gurus on youtube

How to Apply the Perfect Highlighter

One of the most popular products to use in 2019 is a highlighter. Highlighter is a sheeny powder that you put on the top of your cheekbones to catch the light.

It is an especially popular product to use in YouTube tutorials since most of the makeup artists are working with extensive lighting options and know poses that make it pop. You can learn how to use it yourself for professional looking photos.

How to Get Your Makeup to Last All Day

Trying to get your makeup to last all day and still look nice seems like a dream to most people. After a long day at the office, it can feel like your face is sweating off everything that you took so long to put on it.

But there are steps you can take to ensure your makeup lasts all day, such as using a high-quality primer and finishing spray. Youtube gurus help guide you through the purchasing process for these kinds of products. They often have reviews and guides for how to get the most out of the products as well.

Where to Buy Cheap High-Quality Makeup

If you aren’t a professional beauty vlogger, most likely no one is sending you free makeup in the mail every month to try, and you most likely don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on your beauty products. That means finding inexpensive alternatives to must-have makeup items is a huge market.

Beauty vloggers love spending time testing out drug store makeup options and finding out which ones work the best to save you time and money.

Beauty Gurus Know Which New Products are Worth the Money

If you do have the funds to purchase high-quality makeup, then beauty gurus on YouTube have all of the information you need to make a wise decision on what to buy.

They can tell you what new eyeshadows will fill you with glee and which palettes fall flat of expectation, saving your time and money. Before you visit a beauty counter to try out products, come armed with intimate knowledge about all of the best brands.

How to Choose Royalty Free Music

In order to feature a song in your video on YouTube, it has to be royalty free music. Beauty vloggers are especially great at choosing tunes that work well with their videos but that aren’t copyrighted.

That way, their videos can be monetized with advertisements from sponsors. You can learn from their example if you are trying to grow your YouTube audience and appeal to advertisers.

What New Products are Coming Out Soon

Unless you receive press releases from all of your favorite beauty companies on a regular basis, they are bound to come out with new products without you knowing it. But when you keep up with a beauty vlogger on YouTube, they will be in the know about all of the latest products.

They can inform you about what the next season’s trends will be, which celebrities are coming out with a line of cosmetics, and which of those products will be worth checking out.

How to Dress for Every Occasion

Beyond just makeup tips, beauty vloggers also give fashion advice on how to shop for your figure and what the latest styles are. They can teach you how to look your best on any occasion, no matter what your body type is.

What Gifts to Get for Love Ones

If you are looking for presents for that special beauty in your life, then vloggers offer you a rare glimpse into their world and can help you choose a present they will love.

Just spend an hour or two on YouTube and you will have a huge list of items for that special someone.

Featured Vloggers

There are a lot of different beauty gurus on YouTube. But some of them stand out among the rest.

Jeffery Star

Jeffery Star is a drag queen and makeup artist who has been an internet personality since way back in 2003 when he became famous with his “Leave Britney alone!” video.

Today, he has his own makeup line and is worth more than fifty million dollars.

Zoella Sugg

Zoella Sugg is one of the most famous beauty vloggers on YouTube. Today, her channel has more than eleven million subscribers.

Nikki De Jager

Nikki De Jager is a Dutch makeup artist who puts together tutorials twice a week for her YouTube channel. She is a stand out artist who loves to express herself by reproducing inspired character looks, embodying celebrities, and coming up with exciting holiday looks.

She has a ton of fans in New York city where fashionistas and drag queens alike flock to her videos to gather inspiration.

More Great Advice

The beauty gurus on YouTube are just everyday people who have taken their passion for makeup and fashion and figured out a way to make a living from it. You too can live your dream and wear the hottest trends.

For more great advice and helpful posts, check out our blog today.

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