Is Ultrasound Cavitation Right For You?

Have you ever started a fitness program just to see your results plateau? This is a common problem that causes people to lose motivation. As a result, they end up gaining back some of the weight they tried so hard to lose. But Ultrasound Cavitation can help you achieve results and keep you from giving up.

ultrasound cavtation

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What is Ultrasound Cavitation?

Ultrasound Cavitation is a new technology designed to help your body eliminate fat. Using ultrasound technology already prevalent in the medical field, the ultrasonic vibrations break down fat and cellulite. The vibrations are strong enough to break down the bonds to turn the solid into a liquid form, which enables your body to eliminate waste later.

How Is It Different From Liposuction?

When you are trying to get rid of stubborn fat, most people think of liposuction. This has been a go-to procedure for decades. With liposuction, doctors use a thin tube to target specific fat areas and literally suck the fat out of the patient. Depending on the procedure, local and/or general anesthetic is required, and there is an extensive recovery period of 14 days, which includes a decrease in daily activity. Since the doctor has to physically remove the fat during the procedure, it’s generally a one and done deal. But for lasting results, you will still need proper diet and exercise.

Ultrasound Cavitation is a noninvasive treatment that does not require anesthesia or a recovery period. Instead of removing the fat, it simply breaks it down to a form your body can remove on its own. After your first session, you will notice a difference, but it usually takes several sessions to achieve your desired results. Sessions typically last a half hour, and most patients achieve desired results in 6-12 weeks with no interruptions to their daily lives.

What Does It Treat?

Even with proper diet and exercise, some fat areas can become problematic to get rid of. If you are successful in getting rid of fat, cellulite is another beast to address. Ultrasound Cavitation can treat any stubborn fat problem areas such as:

    • Love handles
    • Gut
    • Thighs
    • Buttocks
    • Upper and lower arms
    • Double chin
    • Back rolls
    • Calves
    • Ankles
    • Hips

A New Slimmer You has helped patients achieve the look they desire through Ultrasound Cavitation and delivering amazing results. Their procedures for both men and women have helped clients with life-changing transformations.

Is It Safe?

Ultrasound cavitation is an FDA approved procedure and is currently being used in more than 50 countries. While the average adult can use these treatments with no concerns, this procedure may not be for everyone. People with cardiac disease, pacemakers, or arrhythmia should discuss the procedure with their physician first.

Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or menstruating, should wait before accepting treatments, as well.

Will You See Results Right Away?

Since Ultrasound Cavitation is a noninvasive procedure, you will not achieve your ultimate results after one session. However, you will notice a difference that will give promise. Not only will you enjoy less stubborn body fat, but you will also notice a reduction in skin wrinkles and tighter skin. To help your body properly eliminate the liquified fat, it is recommended that you drink 1 ½ liters of water before and after each session. You should also maintain a low-calorie diet, and perform 30 minutes of mild exercise per day.

Will Ultrasound Cavitation Improve Your Health?

Ultrasound Cavitation is designed to contour and shape your body to give you the look and confidence you want. If you are facing health concerns related to blood pressure, blood sugar, or weight problems, you will not find guaranteed improvement in those areas. However, by adhering to the guidelines of following a low-calorie diet, incorporating exercise into your day, and increasing your water intake, you may find added health benefits from making these lifestyle changes.

Don’t be alarmed if you experience redness or unevenness in your skin after you begin treatment. This is a harmless side effect for some patients. To take care of it, increase your water intake and make sure you allow 48-72 hours between sessions. In time, you will see a more sculpted, contoured body.

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