How Effective is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is one of the best methods to get rid of hair on your body. It is a painless treatment that does not require any medicines or surgery. But do you know if this method is really safe for you? Does it really work, or is it just an ineffective way of cutting your hair?

What is laser hair removal, really?

laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive method used to remove hair from your body, utilizing an incredibly precise laser (*a concentrated beam of light) to kill the hair follicles and stunt their growth. This beam is absorbed by the pigment of your hair, destroying the follicle but not causing any damage to your body.

This process, called selective photothermolysis, is very specific. A specific wavelength of light is targeted on the follicle, stimulating the release of a hormone that causes the follicle to undergo apoptosis (cell death) and reducing its capacity to regrow. Over a period of time, hair will begin to recede, and hair follicles will not grow in the same way again.

Is laser hair removal better?

The best method of hair removal depends on your skin condition. The traditional method is a slow process that may take months to remove all your hair, and even then, it can grow back over time. This means that the hair is not gone for good, but it also means that you can still control its growth with little more than a razor and a mirror.

With laser hair removal, hair grows slower than the traditional method and can be completely removed in just a few sessions. This method does not cause pain or discomfort and has no side effects, and most doctors suggest that it is safe for almost all types of skin. However, it used to be completely irreversible until very recently, and even that is not completely certain.

Is laser hair removal expensive?

The actual cost of it depends on several factors. Traditional hair removal options are usually far cheaper but are nowhere near as permanent and can often take a lot longer to do correctly.

Remember that laser hair removal can still be complex and that you often need to track down a specialist that has the training and equipment to do it correctly. It is not exactly the cheapest hair removal method available, but places like the Naked Truth Studio are a good place to turn if you need laser hair removal in Maple Ridge and Langley, BC.

Is it effective?

This hair removal method is not magic, but it can still work incredibly well and is entirely safe if handled by an expert. It has been used by countless patients in the past from all across the world, with most sessions going perfectly. Within a few sessions, any given area of your body can have all hair practically completely removed.

This method is not going to perfectly clear all hair within seconds, but it works far better than other options. That alone makes it worthwhile.

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