What Do You Need to Know About Illinois Bartending License?

If you are interested in becoming a bartender one day, you should be aware that bartending is more than just entertaining people and serving drinks to the customer. Contrary to popular belief, bartending is not only a skill, but their job incorporates skills like dealing with the crowd, management, and even mixology.

They are the ones who will help in stocking liquor in the bar, using the equipment properly, and never wasting a product or even determining the age identification of customers. The truth is, it’s a strenuous job, but it has perks of its own.

With that, the Illinois Liquor Control Commission is there to require bartenders to complete the Illinois Bartending License. It’s a training and education program for sellers and servers before they can work as bartenders.

This article will teach you more about Illinois Bartending License and its importance. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


Understanding the Bartending License in Illinois

The Bartending license is that state or even municipal-issued certification for bartending. This is required to sell alcohol in certain states; you need this to show and even prove that you’ve gone through the state’s approved courses. You also have to understand the laws about selling alcohol and even other related features.

Usually, the bartending license comes in the form of a document given to people who complete the bartending course. The bartending license usually refers to 2 things: first is what the bartending school gives when the course is completed. Next, it’s what the local laws will require in tending the bar.

Illinois is a state that falls pretty high among any other states, provided the number of bartending jobs available. Of course, competitive salaries await, and other state benefits are just icing on the cake.

What are the Requirements to Get an Illinois Bartending License?

Unlike other states in the US, where there will be no requirement for getting a bartending license, and it only increases the chance of getting a job, Illinois requires you to get a permit with an age limit of 18 or older.

Below are the details on the requirements to become a bartender in Illinois.

Age Limit

Perhaps it raises the question of how to become a bartender in Illinois. Well, like any other job qualifications, you must be at least 18 years of age, as this is the prerequisite in Illinois, and it can go until 21 years old or just under the supervision of someone who is 21 years or older, with proper permit in serving alcohol and bartending.

License Requirements

Did you know that getting an Illinois bartending license, or even in some states in the US, can be quite challenging? The truth is, it’s not that simple, even at the state level. Various requirements will be based on the county and the city you live in.

There are also general requirements that can be the same, and these are:

    • The need for a school certification in applying for a license
    • The type of schooling, such as online or offline
    • The state should approve the school

BASSET training is also the certification needed to work as a bartender in Illinois.

Educational Levels

Your educational level can either be less than high school, and it may also require on-the-job training experience.

Skills Needed to become a Bartender in Illinois

While age and licenses are the requirements for becoming a bartender, you should also sort out the skill set the job asks for. These skills are a crucial part of the process that the job is asking for. With that, you may keep in mind and follow some skills a bartender should possess.

· Patience

Customers can sometimes be offensive, triggering, and rude. The only way any bartender could face these attitudes is to become patient. Being patient also means you will never add fuel to the fire or worsen the situation.

· Friendly and Optimistic

Bartenders should also be approachable, even to the meanest people. The important aspect of a bartending job is lending an ear to the customers, and that’s where the character plays a role.

· Enduring Stamina

Bartenders are usually busy. With so many things to do during the work, it could tire them. Make sure you have enough rest in carrying things out. Keep being healthy, as it will help your endurance.

· Has a Learning Mindset

This skill will add to your drinks list so you can whip it up. It also shows how skilled you can be as a bartender, showcasing your memory in remembering all varieties of drinks.

· Eye for Intoxication

The thing that would make or break the deal when you get hired as a bartender is how good you are at dealing with and identifying those minors, especially your customers’ intoxication level.


To succeed in becoming a bartender in Illinois, you must be of the right age. Also, you should have a state-approved certification, usually the BASSET. You also need all the necessary skills to get the job done without issues and complications because that matters most.

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