Everything You Need to Know About Breast Lift in New Orleans

Mastopexy, also known as breast lift in New Orleans,  is becoming a popular procedure at the moment for women who want to have a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing profile. Breast lifts are the surgical procedure in lifting your breast by removing some excess skin and reshaping the shape of the surrounding breast tissue. Here is everything you need to know about breast lift in New Orleans.

Know About Breast Lift

How much is a breast lift in New Orleans?

How much does a scarless breast lift cost in New Orleans? Does insurance cover breast lifts? If you are planning on using Insurance for your procedure, sadly they do not cover your surgery because it is considered cosmetic, but there may or may not be a few exceptions depending on your circumstance.

In general, like every sorcery, treatment and procedure that you are going to go through, your Breast lift could cost around $9,000 to $12,000 depending on your circumstance. If you want to get additional procedures like breast implants, the price would then bump up to $12,500 to $15, 000.

What happens during a breast lift?

Going through a breast lifting procedure would give your surgeon a few different procedures. The techniques that your surgeon would then use on you would depend on the shape of your breasts, how much you need to lift them, and the size of your breasts.

Tour surgeons would ask you to stop taking some certain medications before you go through your procedure like aspirin because they could thin your blood. They would also be asking you to stop smoking for 4 weeks if you are a smoker because it could interfere with your body’s healing after your surgery.

Breast lifting generally uses these steps:

Step 1: Your surgeon would be making you in the standing position so that they could determine the new lifted position of your nipples on your breast.

Step 2: They are going to put you through anesthesia so that you could relax and relieve your pain, keeping you unconscious during surgery.

Step 3: Your surgeon would then make an incision around your areola, making the cut extend down from your breast to the bottom of your areola and the crease, extending along the sides of your areola.

Step 4: The next procedure after that would then be the lifting and reshaping of your breasts, then they will move your areolas to the correct position on your new breast shape and maybe even reduce your excess, depending on what you want.

Step 5: The surgeon that is working on you would then remove any of your extra skin so that it could give your breasts a firmer appearance.

Step 6: Once the surgeon closes your incision with sutures, stitches, skin adhesives and/or surgical tapes, which they would then try to place some incisions in some of the parts of the breast where they are going to be less visible.


How Long Do The Results Of A Breast Lift Last in New Orleans?

How long your results would last would depend on you since there are some people who get a breast lift who could see their results quite easily. Once the swelling goes down after the surgery, you could start enjoying your new look since there would be little to no pain that you would feel.

It typically could take a few months before you could see the final result because it takes time for the woman’s new breasts to finally settle into the new shape and position. If you are worried about your incision scars, they will fade over time.

Some ways that you could do to help prolong your breast lift:

    • Avoid prolonged sun exposure so that you could maintain healthy skin and improved elasticity
    • Give your newly lifted breasts proper bra support so that it could help you reduce any of the sagging
    • You should limit high-impact exercise because then you could increase the effects of gravity and it could then cause your breast to sag
    • Avoiding fluctuating weight is also recommended, because it can negatively impact your breast life results
    • When you plan on going through a breast lifting procedure, you should take into consideration that pregnancy and breastfeeding may or may not alter your breast lift results.

You could schedule your consultation today at Sadeghi Plastic Surgery in New Orleans if you are interested in having a firmer, younger-looking breast.

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