Common Skincare Mistakes People Make And How You Can Avoid Them

Are you sick of getting breakouts all over you face even though you have an extensive skincare routine? Are you just now discovering that maybe you should be taking a bit more care of your skin because you’re worried about skin damage? Are you worried making skincare mistakes?

One of the most important things anyone can do is have a well-rounded skincare routine without skincare mistakes. A lot of people seem to think that having 10 different products to use each morning and evening is going to help clear up their acne or keep them looking young forever but that just not the case unless you are using these skincare products correctly.

skincare mistakes

It’s also safe to say that no one needs such an extensive skincare routine and a simple cleanser, toner, and moisturizer with the occasional exfoliator will suffice. Since we now have access to a huge range of skincare products at the click of a button you don’t have to pay premium prices for premium skincare products, there are brands like Misumi Skincare who use choice ingredients without breaking the bank. The benefits of having a simple skincare routine include, minimizing breakouts, cleaning off any dirt and pollution from the day, and even longevity for your skin. Here are a list of common skincare mistakes that can easily be avoided.

Not using moisturizer

So many people finish their skincare routine after washing their face and completely neglect using any kind of moisturizer. Have you ever felt how dry and tight your skin feels once you have washed it? After cleansing, this happens because you have stripped your skin of all-natural oils. Moisturiser is here to fix that.

Not only does moisturizer add necessary oils back into your skin but it also hydrates it and gives your skin a youthful, healthy glow. If you are one of those people that foregoes moisturizer in the morning because you feel like it will mess up your makeup, worry no more, if you apply your moisturizer a few minutes before using any makeup you allow time for it to sink into your skin and not feel so oily or slippery.

Exfoliating incorrectly

The feeling after exfoliating can feel amazing, it leaves your skin feeling refreshed, super soft, and squeaky clean. As much as this is a good feeling, it is a terrible idea to over-exfoliate. Choose 2 or 3 days a week to exfoliate your face, with breaks in between, in order to allow you skin a moment to recuperate.

If you over-exfoliate you risk an increase in breakouts, not to mention, harsh abrasives in exfoliators can leave micro-tears on your skin, making it irritated. On the other hand, not exfoliating at all as one of the most common skincare mistakes – mean your face will not be as clean as it should be and products will have a more difficult time penetrating the skin.

Make sure you choose an exfoliator recommended by dermatologists as some of them out there on the market can be really harsh on your skin.

Not washing before bed

Washing before bed should be a crucial element in your night-time routine, if you don’t have time to have a shower make sure to at least wash your face. During the day your face is exposed to dirt and pollution, and on top of that sweat and makeup sink into your pores and block them up which prevents them from breathing and ultimately leads to even more breakouts. Mascara is the devil of all makeup products to sleep in as it can lead to eye infections if it gets under your eyelids.

It’s understandable that after a long night out it might feel like too much to wash your makeup off, so a sneaky once in a while tip is to keep makeup wipes next to your bed, then you can take it off just before you fall asleep. Please don’t do this all the time though, as makeup wipes aren’t the most recommended products on the market.

Using the incorrect products

Knowing your skin type should be the first thing you figure out when starting your skincare routine. Whether your skin is oily, dry, or a combination of the two, there are products out there designed specifically with the health of these skin types in mind. If you have oily skin you want to look for something that is water-based to prevent excess build-up, but if your skin is dry you should look for a more oil-based option for optimal hydration.

Essential oils in skincare

Lastly, essential oils may be all the rage these days but maybe you should hold off putting them directly on your face. Although they have many benefits, they are extremely concentrated and can cause rashes and irritation on the skin.

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