How Often Should You Clean Your Home?

The generic answer is, every day; but as Keyrenter Oklahoma City Management says, how often you should clean your house depends on a lot of factors. And we don’t just mean it depends upon how dirty your house gets daily; we mean that not all corners get dirty alike.

For example, while your garage need not be swept more than once a fortnight, dust-bunnies would breed under the bed if you do the same for your bedroom.

No one can ever ordain an empirical rule for how often you should clean each part and element of the house but we have noted down a few golden rules and things to watch out for in this article that could make your home decently clean.

clean your home

How does your home get dirty?

Every building keeps getting dusty all by itself – there’s always dust and debris in the air, no matter where it is. It is not just pollution. Pollen, wind, the soil, everything around you is responsible for getting surfaces dusty.

But, the house does not  only get “dirty” by itself. The frequency at which our homes actually get dirty depends completely on our habits as well.

Habit Stacking helps everywhere!

Habit stacking is a kind of personal development method by which a person arranges a few habitual activities to be carried out in a sequence at a particular time of the day. This helps in both ensuring you will get a lot of chores done in the day and adding more productive things to the schedule.

How often should I clean each room/ part of the house?

Now as a general rule, your house should get

(1) a daily dose of kitchen and bathroom clean-up,

(2) vacuumed every three days (daily if you have a furry friend),

(3) mopped at least once a week,

(4) a thorough clean-up of every single corner twice every month, and

(5) a deep-clean (spring-clean) every three months.

How often should everything go into the washer?

    • Launder the clothes either by the time you have enough to fit into the washing machine, or at least before you get a small pile.
    • Never put back a dirty spoon, plate, or knife on the rack, even if you cannot do the dishes right away. Same goes for everything from salt shakers to cereal jars.
    • Baby clothes and towels should get washed and dried each day.
    • Bath towels, hand towels, and kitchen towels need the washer every three days.
    • Bedsheets, pillowcases, and stuffed toys should get washed every week or more often if needed.
    • Curtains, tablecloths, sofa spreads, pillows, lampshades, and oven mitts should hit the washer twice a month (or at least once).
    • Mop-heads, microfiber cloths, and sponges should be washed after each use and replaced at least every month. Wash the rugs and floor-mats every other week.
    • Pet beds and toys can be washed every month, but better vacuum them daily.

Wipe-down schedule

Always use the appropriate cleaning solutions, mops, sponges, brushes, and polish ideal for the surface you’re going for.

    • Kitchen surfaces and the sink should be wiped clean after every time you use them.
    • Bathroom surfaces are better off when wiped every three days.
    • Tables, keyboards, and refrigerator racks can be cleaned every week.
    • Doorknobs and switches could have waited for their monthly or bi-monthly cleaning. But considering the pandemic, they too can use daily sanitization.
    • Garbage bins are better off washed every month even if the garbage bags you use were not torn.


Should I Hire a Professional Cleaning Service?

Schedule a cleaning service for as often as you’ll need. If you can squeeze in a thorough cleaning session twice a month, it should be good enough.

Hire a professional cleaner if you cannot manage any one of the five cleaning schedules we discussed above.

When you hire a professional cleaning service to get the job done for you, they use a detailed checklist to ensure that your home is cleaned from top to bottom, every time. Ycleaning has a systematic approach that was developed through more than 20 years of professional cleaning experience.

Leave them a note of the areas you’d like to have special attention to. They know what is best for your home, your lifestyle, and your cleaning schedule. They don’t just clean your house; they wipe off your worries, welcoming you to a squeaky clean home.

clean your home

Make your Cleaning Calendar

You can start off with a basic plan from the ideas we just shared with you if you don’t have one. Note down the drawbacks of the basic plan and customize it to your needs. Have a checklist and incorporate each item into the calendar, referring to the frequency they’ll need.

Tip: You can always start from the online cleaning calendars.

Other things to take care of

Clean the vents, change filters, and rearrange all shelves according to priorities twice a month. Dry-wipe all light bulbs every month to ensure better lighting.

The common problem of having a line of dust left after you sweep everything into the dust pan can be solved either by turning the dustpan by 90⁰ twice or by dabbing it off with a wet towel.

From personal experience, we think the habit of putting everything away in place, and only after cleaning it helps like anything. (Yes, a bit of OCD helps!) But that is not something everyone can manage. When you have children around, or if you have a full schedule through the week, this certainly can’t be the way.

Hiring a cleaning service practically fool-proofs your cleaning. They are experienced, trained, and usually have a thing for cleaning; and all these factors come in handy a lot more than you think.

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