6 Myths You Need to Stop Believing About Sex

Some sex conversations have a lot of untruth to them. How do you go about knowing what is true and what is a myth? During teenage years is when you embraced everything you heard about sex as true. The endless number of myths as you grow older fade off as you know better but some stick with you and affect your intimacy. Unfortunately, if you do not learn more about what is true and a myth, they will affect your relationships and beliefs. Below are myths you need to stop believing and the truth about them.

Myths You Need to Stop Believing About Sex
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1 You do not need a lubricant when aroused

This is just not true. When you need to use more lubrication than your body produces, does not mean you are not aroused. Many people understand it wrongly because they equate how turned on you are with wetness. Yet, this is not accurate. When you learn butt stuff basics  if you are into this type of intimacy. You will learn you need to lubricate to enjoy anal sex better. Also, if you are pregnant, on your monthly cycle, menopause, illness, or some medications. It can affect lubrication. Sexual health experts suggest using lube when using condoms to help the latex slide better.

2 How good your sex life is, is determined by what you do during sex

Myths You Need to Stop Believing About Sex
Source: Pinterest

Unfortunately, this is also not true, as a lot of factors come into play for good sex life. Interestingly, what matters for good sex has nothing to do with sex. Rather, it is about creating the right context for exciting, intimate, and fulfilling intimacy. Some of these contexts are high affection, high trust, and low stress for most people. Therefore, reduce things that turn you off in your life, and through this, you can find freedom in pleasure and enjoy the moment.

3 A large penis gives a more satisfying sexual experience 

The truth is it’s not about the size. In the vaginal canal, the highly sensitive parts are an inch or two of the vaginal opening. For this reason, even having a small penis gets the job done. Also, for you to experience sexual satisfaction and arousal it is not about vaginal penetration. To experience better sex comes from taking your time, foreplay, and finding other erogenous zones such as nipples, neck, and ears. For both men and women, connecting on an emotional level. Is at the crux of why someone needs and wants intimacy. Through taking time to communicate and talk will improve your sex life.

4 You can be addicted to a vibrator

Myths You Need to Stop Believing About Sex
Source: Pinterest

Not exactly. What happens when you use the vibrator a lot, your body gets used to a particular way of experiencing an orgasm. Therefore, as you try to do it differently, it may feel awkward or harder. To avoid this, use other toys, in different positions, different settings, and with different amounts of pressures and sensations. Notably, a vibrator will not affect your ability to get an orgasm with your partner, even if you climax more easily and faster with battery-powered assistance. Plus, you can introduce your partner to using the vibrator, if you feel it will take you long to climax without one. More information about vibrator go to https://www.xinghaoya.net.

5 Orgasms should be explosive and through intercourse

Orgasms are different for everyone and not necessarily through intercourse. The truth is, no sensation is the same every time. Besides, there many factors that affect how your body process sensation. It can be pain or pleasure or something else. Also, there is nipple orgasm and clitoral orgasm, that do not require intercourse. Plus, only about 30% of women through intercourse alone can experience an orgasm.



6 Men have to ejaculate every time during intercourse, to enjoy intimacy

This should not be the only indicator of a good time no matter the type of sexual contact. In fact, according to research by sexual doctors, for men, the means to the inevitable end which is ejaculation, does not necessarily mean having sexual contact. Also, it is better when men aim to enjoy the process and thus slow down during intercourse and know that they don’t have to ejaculate to count it as fun or enjoyment.

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