IPL in Singapore

Maintaining body hair can be pretty difficult; there are a lot of procedures meant for removing it, like waxing, shaving, laser treatment, among others. Many Singapore women are opting to go for IPL or laser treatment because they tend to remove hair permanently. IPL is a new age hair removal technique that has taken many new-age Singapore women by storm. It is said to be bearable and thus preferred by many as it gives fantastic results. Here is what you should know about those looking for long-term hair removal techniques and choose IPL. Take a look.

What is IPL?

IPL is an initial for Intense Pulse Light treatment; it uses a broad spectrum of light to get rid of hair permanently or semi-permanently. For the procedure to be permanent, you have to go through multiple sessions. If you would like to go for an IPL in Singapore, then this is what occurs during the procedure: shots of light are directed to a person’s hair follicles; the light is so intense that it turns to heat, causing damage to the hair bulb. The procedure does sting, but it is bearable. IPL hair removal in Singapore is done using modern machines manufactured with some cooling function to ease the pain.

The benefits of IPL hair removal

IPL in Singapore
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1 IPL treatments are fuss-free and short

This hair removal treatment takes less time when compared to other methods. The procedure takes around 20 minutes only to remove hair both on the sensitive areas and underarms.

2 The process saves money

With permanent hair removal, there will be no need to buy shaving creams and razors. There will also be no need to go for regular waxing. One-time IPL cost can cover though high can over several waxing appointments regularly.

3 Prevention of ingrown hair

IPL is a good option for people with sensitive skin and also those who experience skin irritation quickly by waxing or shaving. It is also the best choice that can be used to prevent ingrown hair.

4 It saves time

Since IPL hair removal is permanent with a given number of sessions; it eliminates the need to shave more often, which in turn saves on time.

5 IPL treatments don’t rely on hair growth

This treatment does not prevent shaving in between sessions where the hair has not been removed permanently.

Does IPL guarantee permanent hair removal?

IPL does not guarantee permanent hair removal due to various unique factors to each individual who gets the process done.

There are few individuals whose IPL won’t work for them for some reason, and there is no explanation for this happening. However, most of the people who have gone through IPL have achieved positive results. Therefore its efficacy is purely dependent on a person.

IPL in Singapore
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How many sessions of IPL are needed for permanent hair removal?

The process of IPL only works effectively on hair that is actively growing at the time of the procedure. To be able to increase its efficiency, several sessions are required to treat each hair at its different growing stage. Also, according to research, it is difficult to tell how long it will take for hair to be gone entirely as each individual is different.

The growing popularity of IPL in Singapore has demonstrated that this is a very efficient hair removal procedure. There are a lot of benefits that are linked to this particular method compared to others. Therefore, if thinking of having this procedure, it will be wise to weigh the benefits, compare it to the cost, and then decide. However, without any doubt, IPL is a procedure that has been said to give value to money. Thus it is worth trying.

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