Photographer: Mauro Lopes Marziano Stylist: Luiza Guilger   Beauty: Dri Chepezan   Models: Heder Wicz, Luiza Anacleto, Uliana Adorno

This a story of Ingrid Flori, a character of 20s era. She is a great personality, a perfumist, an esgrimist, a beautifil elegant  woman. Rudolf is coming in the park in mornig to propose a marriage with Iva (2 great families of the city will married) but the destiny comes … Ingrid came first at the park and magically seduced Iva with her portion of  perfume and do a love scene with her , but the same time Rudolf came a the park and see all scene and he goes furious. Rudolf aproaches Ingrid with the intension to kill her, but the abilities of Ingrid is so far good, she defends herself by cutting Rudolf’s neck with a rapid movement and Rudolf dies instantly. In a final scene Ingrid spills a seduction implement – a perfum, on to Iva.

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