Photographer & Retoucher: Raphael Carranza  Makeup, Hair & Styling: Catrin Carranza  Model 1: Ines Nearchou  Model 2: Christel Karim

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My wife and I are an artistic duo, she’s the makeup artist and hairstylist and I’m the photographer and retoucher.  We come up with the concepts for all of our editorial shoots – everything from makeup, hair, clothing, location etc. This particular shoot was one of our favorites.  The original concept for this shoot was meant to be somewhat of a dark bistro scene shot outdoors but it was so cold at the time and we didn’t want the models to suffer, we decided to create that bistro scene indoors with the models wearing matching clothing and hair along with offsetting lip and eye makeup.  This was all done at our home studio in Cardiff Bay, Wales, UK, using a simple wooden backdrop I constructed along with a plain grey background for the head-shots and full body shots, to add more variety to this set i played around in photoshop to create some funky edits as well.  The main goal was to create total contrast between everything from the metallic clothing, orange and purple lips and eyes and the dark, rustic set.

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