Interview with Photographer Alex Blyg


“Working with models who are on the same wavelength with you.”


2015 #5 May COVER
May cover shot by Alex Blyg Model: Ophelia Overdose

To begin, can you tell us where are you based? I am living in Berlin, originally I am from Minsk, Belarus.

What made you start photographer’s career? Probably the same that makes people start doing things they love – passion for doing it. For me it was the passion for creating and visualizing the things that exist only in my imagination.

How would you describe your photography style? Maybe as a photographical neo-romanticism.

What is your goal? To improve myself, to search for the new ways and styles with every photoshoot.

What are the biggest challenges being a photographer? Actually that is a biggest challenge – never be satisfied with your achievements, always evolve and improve your style

What fascinates and motivates you most being a photographer? On one hand – it’s the joy of showing the people before the camera their true self, to show them how beautiful they are, to capture a lovely smile of somebody, who thinks he or she cannot smile and look lovely. On the other hand – create a new personality, to let the person be somebody he or she wants to be – to make a fairytale princess from a girl, who thinks she is normal and boring, to create a self-confident warrior from a shy and introverted person.

2015 #5 May Alex Blyg2 web

 Where does your inspiration come from? From the people I work with. And also from the music – usually dark and depressive. For me, as a happy and cheerful person this is a way to bring me to the mental balance

 Tell us a secret. What does it take to achieve that one killer shot of the day? Working with models who are on the same wavelength with you.

 What do you want your viewers to take away from your work? Emotions, maybe some undefined, but deep and true.

 To your opinion, what role image editing programs play in today’s photography? In my photographical style they play the central role. In some others photography maybe less or no role at all.

2015 #5 May Alex Blyg3 web

What are some tips/advice you would give to yourself if you started photography all over again? Not to spend too much money on photographical equipment. Most of it will not improve you as a photographer in any way. If you think you need something urgently, just to wait a month or two. In most cases you will discover that you can work perfectly without this new lense, camera or too expensive studio flash device.

What was your most memorable project so far? Too many. The most of my cooperation with models for free projects were memorable for me and important for my development.

Another kind of memorable – for example the shoot in the waterfall at the windy autumn day, after that I spend a week in the bed with a bad cold, or a nice shoot at the summer evening at the lake, when me and the model were almost eaten by the mosquitoes, or the shoot in the wood in the late evening as our pocket lamp get lost and we strayed two hours long in the darkness until we found our way back to civilization. Well, stories of that kind are memorably for sure.

2015 #5 May Alex BlygwebHow do you choose models to work with? Looking at the work they’ve done so far, how good does their style match my style. And sometimes even more important – the communication before the shoot, how good we understand each other and the ideas of our project.

How has social media played a role in your photography? As I started with photography, the social media was already everywhere, so it’s just a normal and essential part of every artist’s life nowadays.

Where can fashion professionals see more of your works?

On facebook: www.facebook.com/alex.blyg.photography

My own page that I actually haven’t updated since a long time: www.blyg.de

What do you like to do when you are not behind a camera? Spending time with my son.

Describe yourself in three words please. I’m not so good in describing myself, I hope my work does it for me.

What is your life motto? Maybe not to have a fixed live motto.

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