Interview with Photographer Robert Coppa

“Anonymity is the enemy of any creative…”

2015 #6 JUNE R Coppa webRobert, where are you based and what brought you to photography world? I’m based in Canberra, Australia. I have always been interested in image making, initially by doing image editing and retouching but later when digital camera caught up with film in quality I made the dive into photography; haven’t looked back since!

What fascinates and motivates you most being a photographer? The interaction with people. I love to photograph people, be it fashion, beauty or portraiture.

What are you currently working on, and what do you have planned next? I will be touring NYC in May/June of this year. I have two commercial clients I will be working with while there and hoping to leverage my US contact to shoot engaging editorials if time and resources permit.

What is the shoot/project you are most proud of? I would find it hard to narrow it down to just one, but I def have some very memorable shoots, The Epoch shoot and the Strega del Mare shoot are amongst my favorites.

Where do you take your ideas for your shoots, what is the source of inspiration? Inspiration comes from many places for me, including movies, music, magazines etc. I like to include a lot of this sources when thinking about a shoot, sometimes it just hits, WHAM!!! Other times I enlist the help of friends and like minded creatives to collaboratively create something amazing.

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Robert, what have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome as a photographer?
I’m sure I’m not alone in trying to overcome this particular challenge. Anonymity is the enemy of any creative really, not just photographers. Getting your name and work out there for the masses to see has never been easier but it also very challenging because there are many more creatives vying for the same resources.

What was your scariest moment as a photographer? Busting the only light I had carried to a shoot while unpacking my car. I was very lucky that my client was very understanding. We still managed to get an amazing shoot with available light even late into the evening. Always carry spares!

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What from your point of view makes the shoot successful? What makes the good picture stand out from the average? For me there is no substitute for a professional team that works harmoniously together in meeting the client’s brief. What makes an image stand out from the average is the ability to create and capture expressive content that shows emotion and engages with the viewer at a personal level.

To your opinion, what role image editing programs play in today’s photography? What are advantages and disadvantages of using it? Image editing program are an essential part of the photographic process. Be it to facilitate the capture and subsequent editing in post, these program allow us to overcome some of the current technical limitation of equipment. The downside is that sometimes editing is relied too heavily as a substitute to preparation and imagination.

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How has social media played a role in your photography business? Social media has been vital to my photography business. I would estimate that 75% plus of my business is generated by social media. It is also a great vehicle to combat anonymity and getting your name and images out there.

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos? The one thing I wished I was told when starting out that it is NOT about what photographic gear you have but rather to learn how to capture moments that have strong expressive content.

What advice do you have for photography enthusiasts looking to go professional? Be confident in your trade, learn the necessary technical skills that will allow you to know how to take great images without thinking too much about it, and again concentrate on capturing strong emotive content.

Where can we hear more from you or see more of your work? You can see more of my works on my various social media sites, including:

Describe yourself in three words please. Passionate, hardworking and professional.


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