Photographer Audrey Bieber: “a Successful Shooting is When Everyone Leave my Home Happy”

“…a successful shooting is when everyone leave my home happy and thinking about the one to come again.”

2016 March Vol I
2016 March Vol I cover shot by Audrey Bieber Cover Model: Celine Ps Makeup Artist: Dounia Loud Stylist: Noel Roux Postproduction: David G Rivera

Audrey, can you tell us more about yourself and how did you get involved into photography business? My Name is Audrey Bieber, I was born in 1985, and I am based in South of France. At age of 14 I started attending a fashion design school, where I wasn’t so happy with it. Then I moved on to a hairstylist job as it was my childhood dream. 5 years later I moved on to chef’s position and after a while I started working as a manager for a fashion retailer as I have been a graduate in this field. During this time I started modeling and my interest in photography went stronger and stronger, it took more and more place in my life. I became involved in a lot of projects as I have been demanded for. I worked with a lot of interesting and professional photographers.

Later I moved to South France and, as soon as I didn’t find a job as retailer, I decided to work full time as a professional photographer.

The main word that could define my work perfectly is… I think artistic photography.

How would you describe your photography style to somebody who has never seen it? I think my style is different because of the artistic point of view of people I work with. Each of them put the best of their art into projects we wok together.

2016 #15 VOL I A Bieber WEBWhere do you get your creative inspiration? Most of my inspirations come from various websites, like Pinterest, Google image and so on.

What is your favorite thing to shoot for yourself? What I like the most … It’s a good question! To be honest with you I like creating stories with models, and either food pictures as my work is my passion, but what I like most is being surrounded with my team because they help me to improve my work every day.

Can you explain some of the feelings you are trying to achieve in your photographs? I like working on emotions of the model and the client during the shooting.

What’s the best part of being a photographer? What I like the most about my work is traveling. I enjoy meeting new people every day, shooting in nice places and getting experience in work every day.

From your own experience, what are the biggest challenges for an independent photographer? The main difficulty is a competition as there are many other good photographers. You have to find your own style and be different, keep improving your network .

Which would be the first three things you think about when you start shooting? The three first things I think about before shooting  are: first, I take care of everyone to create a healthy environment, then I change my batteries, and finally I want to be sure that we are going to share share a life full of good moments.

Describe a day at a shoot, what happens and what is the trick to capturing a great shot? A good shooting starts with a coffee and some treats, then the team start working before the lunch time (yes, sharing food is always a good start to share good moments here) and then the shoot begins. My tips to have good pictures is to create the perfect atmosphere between model and I so that she can feel relaxed and confident.

2016 #15 VOL I A Bieber WEB4

What from your point of view makes the shoot successful? In my opinion a successful shooting is when everyone leave my home happy and thinking about the one to come again.

What goes through your mind when you are behind camera taking pictures? When  I am shooting I feel so lucky as I do not feel not working at. You know it s a chance to earn money with a work that first of all is your passion.

What does beauty mean to you as a photographer? What kind of models do you prefer to work with? Beauty pictures are focusing on model’s face with a clean and complex makeup. I have no “kind of model” for beauty. I am much more aware of the feelings to have in their book and about the personality itself.

2016 #15 VOL I A Bieber WEB2

Audrey, what tips can you recommend to models looking to expand their portfolio? The advice I would give to a model is to improve her look book, to work with good photographers. Very often the model makes the mistake of going in every directions, and the last – they have to build their portfolio with the best of their images, really pay attention to showing what kind of a selected work they expose.

From your own experience, what is the difference between shooting male and female models? In my opinion the main difference between shooting a male and a female is that girls have to be sensual and males have to look viril with less sensitivity.

To your opinion, what role image editing programs play in today’s photography? What are advantages using it? The importance of Photoshop in nowadays shootings is that we can correct small details that we are not able to correct with the makeup or hairstyling. The good points here are that those small details are almost nothing  but the tool helps going on shooting and let us correct these small details afterwards.

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You bring a very high production value to your work. Tell us a secret, what is your retouching/production philosophy? Generally I my retouching is based on my feelings of the moment, the image reflects my mood of the moment so it always gives a different atmosphere. My workflow philosophy is always to keep it natural. If I don’t like a picture I won’t retouch it because I think it will cohere with my present mood, it has to reflect my soul and inner feelings, and as a result it won’t give any emotion or impact .

What is your favorite photography accessory, other than your camera? My main accessory is light! Without it my photos would be talking. I like working with light and rediscovering it from day to day, this experience is the base of successful images.

What role does social media play in your business? Social networking provides me 90% of my clients. It is the best tool and way to promote your work when you use it wisely.

Where can readers get connect with you? You can find me on Instagram @venusaud, on Pintrest @venusaud, on Facebook Audrey Bieber and Facebook page as @venus photography. My website is My emails are [email protected] and  [email protected]

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Is there somebody you are fascinated about and you’d like to work with in the future? In the future I would like to work with designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, Dior, etc. because I am really interested in high fashion and I am trying to have that kind of mood in my images.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you are not behind a camera? My days off are so few but I spare some time for sport, and my second passion cooking.

Tell one surprising fact about yourself please. The fact that I practice photography for 2 years is rather surprising, but when you put your heart into your work the evolution can be very impressive.

Thank you, Audrey.

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