Makeup Artist Carina Musitowski: “There is no definition of beauty.”

“There is no definition of beauty.”

2016 #15 VOL I Musitowski WEBCarina, where are you based and what brought you to beauty industry? My fascination for Beauty and fashion started in the age for 12. First I wanted to become a make-up Artist, late I recognized it, would be better to study. So I searched for the perfect study. Fashion design studies became a dream on which I worked hard, around 4 years, 14-18 years. In the Afternoon, after my regular school, I took sewing classes and drawing classes. That was hard but on the other hand so much fun. Years later I applied on Fashion Design Academy, AMD and passed. I did my 3,5 year study and finished with a diploma in fashion design. Through my studies I got in touch with many photographer and started to work as a freelance stylist. Later on I recognized I wanted to be a make-up artist as well. Such a nice combination fashion styling and make-up artist. So I took classes, and became a make-up artist. Now I am working for over 7 years in the industry. At the end of 2015 I started to have my own agency for stylist and make-up artist. Right now I am sitting in a plane from Düsseldorf to Stockholm of a new Pre-Roll-Spot for Coca Cola.

What other professional services do you offer to your clientele? What would you say is your specialty in this field?  Do you have a team? I have a variety of services that my team and me offers:

  • make-up and hair artist for e.g. commercial, campaigns, lookbooks, spots
  • fashion styling or e.g. commercial, lookbooks, spots
  • set design
  • production
  • high end wedding styling
  • personal shopping
  • cooperate fashion collections

Our specialty is to combine make-up and hair styling with fashion styling. We create the whole, the complete look for the campaign. My Team consists of 7 freelancers, make-up artists and stylists

Carina Musitowski

Your client list and portfolio are impressive. What’s the biggest client you’ve gotten to work with? There are a lot of nice big names. Maybe my current client Coca Cola is one of the big international brands. But it is not about the names, or name dropping. Its all about nice teams and nice things we are allowed to do every day, thank God.

What has your most memorable work (project) experience been? Last year I was 3 times in Italy. Three different clients and productions. Every time, you go abroad is so nice. Lambertz, a big company for sweets, it was a huge challenge. 7 days in Italy, Neapoli, Possitano, Roma. Hard work, long working days, but an amazing team and team spirit. We saw so many nice spots every day. My assistant and I had 17 pieces of luggages with us! We worked with 10 models.

What projects do you have coming up? This weekend I will do spots for Coco Cola, after that campaigns for a huge supermarket and a big light company, and after that for a hair product company.

How do you keep up with all the new trends and styles? Where do you pull you inspiration from to help you with your work? I love reading fashion blogs and for sure Vogue runway to keep up with new trends. Plus never stop watching around, what’s going on, your neighborhood and all the people, which are around, are you best inspiration.

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What level of importance do you put on continuing education in the makeup industry? It is important, I try to take education classes at least once a year.

You regularly work with some of the most beautiful women. How does that shape your definition of beauty? There is no definition of beauty. Beauty can be long blond hair and blue eyes, but also a 14 years old girl without makeup with big green eyes and short brown hair and protruding ears.

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From your own experience, what would you say is the most challenging part of makeup business? There is no every day business. Every day and every week is different. You don´t know what happens next. Where you will be, will sleep or will work. There is no continuity. Being not afraid what will come next, having no doubt. Believe in yourself and do your profession with lot of love.

Why is having a MUA essential to a photographer? What can you provide to help a photographers images stand out? Without us there is no touch up. Nobody who optimizes the models. With the model and photographs we create a whole new world. A new perspective, a new character. The Make-up artist is the first step, then light, then the picture, then Photoshop 🙂

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How would you describe a workflow on set with a photographer? Do you talk about the shoot before hand? First I create a moodboard, after that we discussing about that. What do we need, what look we are going to create, which make-up, hair look, which fashion styling, light, background, setting etc. On set we work close together. We need each other. It is necessary to believe into the team and to work hand in hand.

In your opinion, why is shooting for camera and lights, different then everyday makeup? A lot of light settings take a lot of make-up. Most of the times it is necessary to put more make-up then for a everyday look.

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What is a make-up must have for you & why? Can you name some of your favorite hair and makeup products to use? Brushes: without a good brush it is nearly impossible to create a nice look. I like MAC and Zoeva most. Primer: to have a nice skin. My favorite is from MAC. And to be honest I love to have my whole equipment every time with me. You never know what happens next so take everything what you have with you s o your are well-prepared and can play.

Tell us a secret, how do you get a “natural” look when you’re doing your make-up? Any tips or tricks? Primer, a nice light foundation, concealer, highlighter, rouge, mascara and a nice lip-gloss. First put your Primer for your whole face. Then apply your beauty blender and your foundation. After that use your concealer, a big triangle under your eyes though your cheek, and of your eyes, and the heard of your lips. After that take your rouge for freshness on chips and your eyes. Light strobing is coming out next, so take your highlighter for your upper cheeks, under our eyebrow, nose, heard of lips. Of course use your favorite mascara. And use your favorite lip-gloss and your look fresh, natural is perfect.

In your opinion, what are common mistakes you see women make on their makeup? Too much make-up products and too much contouring.

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As a makeup artist, you must be ahead of the curb when it comes to spring-summer beauty trends. What are some of your favorite looks for the season? Strobing. Strobing is about highlight the face with light and only light.

Start with a moisturized face. Try mixing a bit of luminizer with your foundation or look for one with a dewy finish. Avoid anything that is matte. Then use a highlighter to enhance the areas where light naturally hits your face, including your temples, cheekbones and bridge of your nose. Avoid your forehead if you’re concerned about looking oily.

Carina, what would your advice to a person who wants to get into makeup industry? Be ambitious and be passionate. Love what you do. Get informed by any new trend, which can be important.

Where can we see more of your works and get connected with you?







What superpower do you wish you had? Why? Spreading love, peace and positive energy. For me these are the most important things to live a happy life.

Tell us one surprising fact about yourself. I am not a red head, everything is dyed even the eyebrows

Thank you, Carina.

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