Interview with Cover Model Jhoey Chinalder

“A good model must understand that he is a product of an idea, he must be willing to challenges and changes, he needs to offer something else besides his beauty. “

2016 All Male Vol I Cover Model Jhoey Chinalder

Jhoey, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got discovered? Actually, I wasn’t discovered by anyone. The fashion universe welcomed me, I had serious problems with my aesthetic, to have an exotic and out of the Brazilian market standards beauty. I suffered depression, in which I had to live for many years, because I didn’t feel myself attractive and beautiful, so I found support in this world. I stopped working as a model for a while and then came back again.

Currently, I’m being represented by the Surreal Management to pursue an international career, since I have an extreme fashion profile.

What do you find the most challenging part about working in modeling industry? In Brazil, despite we have very good products, there is also a very small mentality, my country is not prepared for what I do, I am not a common model as many others. I do art direction, styling, art, dance, so I feel some prejudice at this point, I like my all authorial works to do at the same time, I believe that the international market would get it in a natural way, I could be a perfect product for any designer, I can transform myself into whatever I want. My height 1,83 is complicated by my extreme fashion profile.

What do you believe is the key to success for a model? In your opinion what qualities does one need to succeed? Above all personality. A good model must understand that he is a product of an idea, he must be willing to challenges and changes, he needs to offer something else besides his beauty. That is why I do not give up my thousand and one skills, usually when I am working as a model I do not give fashion guess or art direction, I am very professional.

What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about being a model? What keeps you excited about modeling? The time you spend on castings, as my profile is very diverse, I have the opportunity to show me in many works, be a synonym of possibilities, an art product, that is the way I like to be seen, I like to work my image on this concept combining sophistication and modernity.

Who is someone you feel has really influenced you? Do you have your idols? Who are some models you look up to and adore? Usually, I do not suffer any influences, but one reference for me was the top Marina Dias, the first tattooed professional model, she manages to be sophisticated and this is the great challenge for a tattooed model, pass an image beyond the tattoos, not to be labeled just as a ordinary woman with tattoos.

2016 #2 ALL MALE VOL I Chinalder PRINT7cut

What are your favorite genres & styles of modeling? Nowadays I am most basic (laughing out loud). I use a more post punk, goth, psych billy, I buy a lot at thrift stores or I produce pieces.

What else do you do besides modeling?  I am very different, I feel the need of not being just one, I think this is boring, I have a diferent outlook in fashion, I like the conceptual and creative side. In my work styling and art directing I take the art world and the poetry as inspiration, I am an artist, I like to carry these universes and establish a dialogue, so I see myself as a transition link. I am not a stylist yet, but I dare sometimes.

How do you keep productive and retain your creative edge? My mind never stops, I’m always creative, I feel this overwhelming need of provoking my existence, I am an observer and very analytical, all of this inspires me as a creator. Now I am working in a bold new project, I will release a memoir book, and it will emerge an editorial inspired by my writings, a fashion film / video art and an exhibition, the models will be an art installation. All of this emerged after years when I have decided to return to my old neighborhood, where I was born. I’m in a very emotional and sensitive phase, all of my works arise from experiences which I experienced, they are constructive criticism in which I placed myself as guilt and not only as a victim.

What do you want viewers to take way from your photos? I want to be seen as I see myself. I want people to see in me a lot of possibilities. I want people to feel inspired, to change and release. As I’m free, people can be more daring in art, as I’m trying to be.

2016 #2 ALL MALE VOL I Chinalder PRINTcutWhat project are you especially proud of? I feel proud whenever I can achieve what I expected in photos, videos, fashion shows or when the customer managed to overcome their expectations. I am very thrilled to be able to give life to my dreams and other person’s dreams.

Jhoey, what’s your beauty regimen like? How do you stay in shape? I confess I am a bit relaxed, I do a lot of contemporary dance, take care of my hair and face, with herb products, I love home made recipes.

What’s one of the most interesting shoots that you’ve done? Many. I will cite a recent work that marked me. I’m really scared of heights, I was photographed on the top floor of a building of an art museum, I went into despair, and I had to meet this challenge. That being a model. In this work, I also was the art director, so I could not show fear, this would carry to work, a work that I was able to use my art works, it was a realization of a dream to photograph in an art museum.

How important is it to have an established relationship with the photographer who captures your image? It is of paramount importance. I need to understand how he wants to capture me, it is important to be in synch, to be as natural as possible, and dive deep into the established concept. I like to say that if we not dive in deep water I would rather drown.

What’s your favorite / most memorable direction a photographer has ever given to you? I used to be very stiff and lifeless, may be that it was what I felt about myself. On a certain day, when a photographer would make a quick work with me, he liked it so much that he decided to continue photographing me for hours. He even said that I was different, he felt that. Since then I started to materialize what I am, without fear.

Is there anything you’d like to do in the future? Someone you’d like to work with or something you’d like to accomplish? I aim high. I want to be photographed by Mario Testino one day and be on ID Magazine. And I want to participate in fashion film of Karl Lagerfeld.

From your own experience what advice do you have for new models? Seek not to copy any one, be yourselves. The world is full of pretty faces, the market searches for unique people. Research for each job with deep concepts, and not to be just one more in this competitive market.

Where can viewers see more of your works and get connect with you? You can find me on Instagram as @jhoeychinalder.

When you’re not busy modeling, what are some of your favorite things to do on your spare time? Write. I have a very strong connection with poetry, despite the dyslexia.

Tell us one thing about yourself people might find surprising. My age. I will not reveal it, but I’m over 30.

Thank you, Jhoey.

Published in February 2016 All Male Volume I: BUY NOW

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