Photo by Eric McKinney

Daniel Dayton

Daniel Dayton by Eric McKinney
Daniel Dayton by Eric McKinney

Daniel is a 25 year old fashion model from the Halls area of Knoxville, Tennessee. His original dream was playing professional football, which he accomplished as a 5-year starter and All-American Honors for Cumberland University in Nashville. After a head injury during the game, Daniel was faced with the decision that another strong impact to his head on the field could leave him with permanent brain damage. With ambition and dedication to his team, he finished the last two games of his college football career and then decided to follow another dream—to become a professional model in the fashion world.

Currently adding to his portfolio, Daniel is focused on finding the right representation for his modeling career. With an interest in high fashion and editorial modeling, he loves working his angles and using his southern drawl while showing off his sharp wardrobe. His goals for his modeling career include being published in Men’s Vogue, GQ and other popular fashion magazines. As he continues to improve and grow as a model, Daniel has a daily dedication to his workouts in the gym; he’s constantly taking on new shoots and modeling opportunities because of his belief that practice leads to perfection.

When Daniel isn’t in front of the camera, he works as an RN in the Cardiac Medical Surgical Unit of a local hospital. He’s also advancing his doctorate degree as an anesthetist and spending any extra time on the golf course.


Photographer: 6:12 Photography by Eric McKinney