photo by Eric McKinney
Model: Anas DamiriDesigners: Diane Corey & Kelly JonesMUA: Missy YoungLighting: Lennie Robertson

6:12 Photography by Eric McKinney

Eric McKinney was born and raised in Morristown, Tennessee with the Great Smoky Mountains in his backyard. He’s had a camera in his hand since he was just a small child taking photos at birthday parties and on summer trips to stay with his grandparents. As a teenager, Eric was the photographer and co-editor for his high school yearbook staff. He later went on to take photography classes at Carson-Newman University while earning his BA in Psychology. College provided Eric with the opportunity to see the world and develop an interest in travel photography, creating images of people, places and landscapes from his trips to various countries.

In 2010, Eric discovered his passion for portraiture and inspiring a positive self image through his photos. Soon after, 6:12 Photography was born. His work and his portfolio focus strongly on photography that involves fashion, fitness and creativity. Eric’s background in writing and psychology also play a roll in his style of photography, because every photo is an opportunity to tell a story, using facial expressions, poses, fashion and even hairstyling and makeup artistry when possible. He believes that each portrait is a way of introducing someone, showing their personality, mood, background or desires.

Through 6:12 Photography, Eric has been given the opportunity to put his work out there for the world to see. He has collaborated with local designers, hairstylists and makeup artists, and worked with some of the country’s leading agencies, including NYC’s Silver Model Management and Boston’s Maggie Inc. Through connecting with leading models in the fitness industry and a group of national authors, Eric’s photos have been featured on the cover of multiple novels.

Website: www.612photog.com

Blog: 612photography.blogspot.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PhotographyByEricMcKinney


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