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Rose Prebola – Makeup Artist and Photographer

My name is Rose Prebola, and I’m an artist based out of Michigan.

I am currently a graphic design student, though have been particularly interested in photography and makeup artistry as of recent. I find that the added element of having to work with other people is something I really like! I started really getting into photography only a few months ago, however, I’ve been a makeup artist for about five years now. That may not seem like a long time, but I’m only twenty!

I started out doing makeup for homecomings and proms, and then it started becoming a stronger talent of mine. I moved up to doing weddings and even started a YouTube channel for my makeup and art! Eventually I found a love for body painting. Being a fine artist previously, I liked the fact that body painting was basically fine art, just using a body as a canvas instead of paper. I felt like I discovered a great way to combine my two biggest interests, fine art, and makeup. Then I realized that after taking photos, I could put my love of Photoshop to use.   Thus began the taking of many many self-portraits, where I would do makeup on myself, take a selfie, and edit it. Back then I never even thought about submitting my work to magazines. I never even thought about doing photo shoots with models! You really can never know where life will take you sometimes.

The more I dove into these talents, the more creative I became! I began leaning towards an extremely dramatic style. Since I grew up with a love of horror and Tim Burton, I quickly started doing crazy, dark looks. One of my favorite pictures at that time was one where I painted my friend’s face with skeleton-like eyes. It got over thirty likes on Facebook, and I threw a party for myself that day.

It wasn’t until I found Model Mayhem that I initiated my work with actual models. Most of the time, I would just call one of my friends over to paint, and it was always just for fun. I owe most of my success today to one of my first models, Katie O’Rear, whom I contacted through the site. Without her, I would not be in this magazine. Thankfully, my parents are big supporters of my new interest. Even when I set up my own studio in their house without them knowing, they still had my back! They, too, have opened many opportunities for me in this field.

As of now, I plan on continuing participation in photo shoots as a makeup artist, body painter, photographer, and photo editor. It’s truly become something I just love to do!

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