“The Intermission” collection by TZUL

In the month of February 2015, TZUL announces the release of its new Capsule Collection “The Intermission”, revealing a unique eleven-piece collection of ensembles, designed and handcrafted overseas and in Miami. TZUL, a relatively new clothing line out of Miami, plans to conquer new horizons while expanding current endeavors within this year’s time. “The Intermission” is a transitional collection before the upcoming Spring/Summer collection.

The design and inspiration is catered to men and women who love to break all boundaries out of the norms-to break out of trends and become the trend. “The Intermission” features flannels, black joggers, bomber jackets, leather jackets, leather paneled leggings, neoprene, crewnecks, TZUL essential tees, fedoras, and more. TZUL made immense effort to reflect the ideologies and styles of today’s urban fashion, TZUL strategically infused it with class and luxury. Their goal is to take today’s idea of “Living” to a whole a new meaning, “Live To Be Known”.

Tzul collection

TZUL’s pieces provide an edgy style mixed with a unique taste of European flavor. TZUL has trend followers going wild! With products of the highest quality materials, TZUL creates a blend of comfort, luxury, and style to cater to our fashion gurus.

“Live To Be Known” is a phrase that TZUL created to describe everyone’s purpose. TZUL hopes to influence and inspire others to “conquer all”. “Style is one’s voice and projection of self. “Your style tells a story and a purpose.” Says TZUL.

TZUL adds a form of discretion by not boastfully allowing one to be worn by the brand but allowing people to wear the clothes and feel like an individual and not be oversaturated by the brand.

Sharie Tzul, the CEO/President of TZUL. TZUL is Sharie’s last name-A Mayan name, specifically from Belize.

At age 23, Sharie Tzul’s designs is inspired by unconventional fashion, the 90’s era, Asian and European fashion mixed with her interest of untraditional concepts that’s meshed together to create her vision of TZUL. With this collection a statement is being made with the simplicity and intricate details of its pieces. With this “Intermission collection” each piece is a statement, strategically design for the everyday active person, it is a true luxury street brand intended to make moves in the fashion genre.





For more information, please contact:

Sharie Lasha Tzul


Phone: (305) 922-3384

Website: www.tzul.co

Email: [email protected]

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