Photographer/Retouch: Simona Kehl  Models: Sarah ScherzerLaura Pirich, Andreas Schmiedl     Makeup Artist: Hannah Filzmoser  Fashion & Accessories: KACHI (Line “SOMA”) by Katrin Possberg

Psychiatry, a chapter in nowadays science which is often purposely left in the dark. It was only in the 1930s when one famous psychiatrist tried to maniacally „cure“ the world of its mental diseases. He used a technique called lobotomy which was meant to radically cure all patients of their symptoms. Nobody dared to question its effects it might or might not have on patients. Everything was kept a secret.

The designer Katrin Possberg /KACHI/ tried to break the ice with her collection SOMA and tell the story of the lives which were experimented on, the abuse of power and the vow of silence.

Through special colours, fabrics and silhouettes used in for the collection, the designer tried to translate her new knowledge into her designs. Location, mirrors and models’ posing maintain the oppressive and disturbing feelings, patients must have had during their clinical stay.

Psychiatry, a sanatorium with the hope of a cure, wasn’t it?


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