Interview with Award Winning Makeup Artist Alexandra Iuliana

“Never stop dreaming, learning and always try to give your best.”

Alexandra, can you please tell us a bit more about yourself and how did you discover a love for make-up? I am a make-up artist since 2013, I was born in Romania and my hometown is Arad. I studied economics sciences in high school and at University. I own a beauty salon (Ale’s Studio) where I do make-up for my customers.

Since I was a little girl I loved to paint, to draw and to play with colors. I am very passionate about arts. First time when I tried to do a make-up I was 17 years old and my model was a friend of mine.

Your portfolio is impressive. What is the most exciting or challenging opportunity you had as a make-up artist? As a make-up artist I had a lot of exciting challenges. I always wanted to do more than beauty make-up and to improve my creativity so I started to participate at national contests.

My first make-up contest was in 2016 at Bucharest (Make-up Fest) and I won the first place. After this contest I started to do more creative works and reached the next level, to go at international contests.

In the summer of 2017 I was finalist at World Championship in Austria at two categories ‘Creative Make-up’ and ‘Purple Brush’.

Another prizes I won in Romania were the second place at Beauty Focus and third place at Make-up Fest both in 2017.

The most important international contest from 2017 for me was the European Hungarian Cup where I took the first place.

What do you like most about being a make-up artist? Being a make-up artist is very challenging and motivating because you always have to learn and improve yourself and I have the opportunity to travel and teach people how to find beauty.

Looking back, how has make-up artistry changed of influenced you as a person? I started to working in this industry at a very young age and I learned to be very organized, more responsible and the most of all more ambitious.

What do you wish people would understand about working in the make-up industry? Working in make-up industry it is not easy. You have to dedicate all the time to your projects and to be always available for work. Sometimes I work a lot during the holidays, sometimes I can’t see my family for some period of time but the success and the satisfactions that I have seeing my work appreciated is giving me reasons to do more.

What do you think are some of the keys to being a successful makeup artist? The keys of being a successful make-up artist is to be creative, to learn and to dedicate yourself to your goals.

You regularly work with some of the most beautiful women. How does that shape your definition of beauty? Does everyone look better with make-up? I think all the women are beautiful, we are all special and I as a make-up artist find and highlight the beauty on each face. With the right make-up everyone looks beautiful but this doesn’t mean that you have to wear make-up everyday.

What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to women? Try to take care more of your skin, keep it hydrated and don not wear make-up in excess. Try to smile more and be confident in yourself even when you do not have make-up on your face.

What are your 5 beauty don’ts? Don’t put make-up on your face everyday. It’s not healthy for your skin.

Don’t do by yourself your eyebrows. Go to a beautician, she will know the right size and form for your face.

Don’t sleep with make-up, always clean and hydrate your face before you go to bed.

Don’t forget to clean your brushes, try to keep them clean.

Don’t stay at sun if you forgot to put your SPF lotion on your skin and face, maybe now you can`t see the damage but after some years you will.

How do you keep up with all the new trends and styles? Where do you pull your inspiration from to help you with your work? I try as much as I can to go to beauty seminars and master classes. I travel a lot to get inspired from different cultures and styles of make-up. I follow a lot of beauty masters and a lot of fashion magazines.

What is one make-up trend you enjoy right now, one trend you don’t like so much? I like that now is very trendy the healthy aspect of the skin texture, the natural eyebrows and of course natural make-up. I never liked the trend with graphical eyebrows.

Can you name some products and tools you could not live without while working on set? One of my favourite products are Embryolisse Make-up Base, but sometimes I use Atelier Paris ‘Eclat ‘ Make-up Base. For foundation it depends on what I have to do. If I need a good coverage I use Inglot Hd Foundation, if I need a natural skin look I use Armani Luminous Silk. The concealer is very important for me and I am in love with Boi-ing from Benefit. For eyeshadows I usually use Make up For Ever. My favourite mascara is from L’Oreal Paradise. And for lips I always have on me Anastasia Lip Pallet, is a must have for all makeup artists.

In your opinion, what are common mistakes you see women make on their makeup? Some women can’t see the limit between a day makeup and a night makeup.

Finding the right foundation color can be hard for a person without experience and when you go to shop try the foundation on your face not at your hand.

Why is having a hair and make-up artist essential to a photographer? What can you provide to help photographers images stand out? It’s very important for a photographer to have a good beauty team. I believe for a good final image we all have to collaborate, to share our visions and work together.

What advice would you give to makeup artist starting out and trying to find photographers to work with? When you are a beginner it can be hard to find a good photographer that understands what you want to express. The photographer is playing a big role in creating your own portfolio.

I remember I did a lot of free work when I started, but now I am glad because I created an interesting portfolio that represents me.

What effect do you think the Internet and editing tools has on the beauty industry today? It depends where you look on Internet. Now it’s on trend in editing to see the texture of the skin, very natural edit and I am so happy because I never have been a fan of very edited pictures.

Alexandra, what is some career advice you have for up-and-coming makeup artists? The beginning is not easy and you have to trust yourself. Never stop dreaming, learning and always try to give your best.

Where can our readers get connected with you? They can contact me on: Facebook:, Instagram:, or they can see my portfolio here:

What do you hope to explore as a makeup artist in the future? Someone you’d like to work with or something you would like to accomplish? I hope to find an agency to represent me. I would love to work for editorials, celebrity and movies.

What has been the biggest challenge of your career? I think now is my biggest challenge because I want to move to USA and start to work there.

How does your perfect working day look like? For me a perfect workday is a day with a lot of make-up sessions, beauty or creative. I feel so good when I am in studio and do projects I just can’t see myself doing anything else.

What superpower do you wish you had and why? I would love to have the power so I can stop the time. I feel like I don’t have enough time for everything that I want to do.

One thing that bugs you about humans is that…? We are in a continuous rush, we forget to live the moment and get happy for small things.

Tell us one thing about yourself people might find surprising. I start to think that everything you want in life is possible to accomplish. All you have to do is to desire so much and you will find some ideas to make it true.

Thank you, Alexandra.

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