Tips & Tricks for Decorating and Maintaining a Clean House Effortlessly

Keeping your house clean can be a pain, but that doesn’t have to mean that it will take up all of your time. Keeping your house clean needs to be less about being involved in it all the time and more about decorating it and having habits that make it get done faster.

decorating and Maintaining a tidy home

There will still be times when things are just crazy and you are not going to keep up with your daily cleaning, but if you try these tips you will be able to maintain your house clean without much effort and you won’t be overwhelmed with cleaning.

Start Your Day by Making the Bed

For some people making the bed in the morning as they get out of it is a waste of time, but making it the first thing when you wake up will make a big difference in how your room looks in a matter of minutes. And it’s a great plus because it makes you feel more productive and getting into a nicely made bed at the end of your long day. To make it easier, pick simple beddings that aren’t too fancy and have a lot of layers. You can also make it a lot easier by only having pillows and blankets that you actually need for sleeping.

Maintaining a Clean House

Always Clean as You Go

• This might seem so obvious but it’s something that people don’t often do. As you are putting things away as you go, you are creating a difference between cleaning and tidying up.

• Try to take off your clothes in your closet and sort them by either hanging them back up if they are clean or throwing them in a laundry basket if they are not.

• When you finish eating, instead of just leaving the dishes in the sink or on the counter either wash them or put them in the dishwasher.

• Put away your shoes and clothes away as you come to your house.

Ask your family to follow these tips to help you make cleaning more effortless. Obviously, sometimes doing those things just isn’t possible, and that is when it’s okay to call professional cleaning services to help you. There is no shame in calling cleaning services to help you have a fresh start with cleaning and start new routines.

Maintaining a Clean House

Make Use of Decoration

It is really popular to use trays, decorative bowls and baskets for arranging loose items that make a room look cluttered. It’s a great way of adding some glamour while you are hiding most of the clutter. Try to make those little stations through your home to get the most efficient yet stylish space.

For a place like a bathroom, it’s great to use trays to arrange all soaps and perfumes so it looks like they are a piece of the decor instead of it looking like a mess.

Maintaining a Clean House

Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Close

Have places like the bathroom stocked with your basic cleaning supplies like clothes, cleaning products and scrub brushes. This will make it easier and quicker to wipe something as it happens instead of going out and looking for your supplies because when you don’t wipe your mess right away, it will be much harder to clean later. This little trick will help you reduce how often you have to deep clean.

It’s important that you know that a clean home doesn’t mean that it’s going to be spotless and perfect. It’s not realistic to have a home that is like the ones you see in magazines. Instead of wanting your house to look like that, aspire to have a house that is clean enough. Don’t just wait until your house is messy before you clean it. Clean it every day, little by little and you will keep the mess away.

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