What You Should Know About Caring For Vintage Garments

Fashion gets wilder and bolder as the years go by, but as much as fashion changes through the years, there’s one style that never goes out of style. Vintage garments have an astonishing beauty that will never cease to amaze and delight our eyes.

The best part about vintage clothing is their power to take us back in time, back when things were simpler when everything seemed to be more romantic. Vintage clothing has a different type of beauty; they express the real beauty of what fashion really means.

But as we no longer live in the times when society was accustomed to vintage garments, taking care of them seems complicated today. Therefore, if you truly appreciate the beauty of vintage clothing, stick with us as in today’s post, we’re presenting you everything you should know about caring for vintage garments.

Know About Caring For Vintage Garments

Preventative Care

When it comes to vintage garments, it’s primordially to take caution to ensure that it is well preserved in your closet. Protection and prevention are crucial for vintage clothing because once the damage is done, saving it will be a real adventure.

The enemies of any clothing are deterioration and extra wear. The first step of prevention is keeping the clothes away from sunshine. The sun rays are damaging for the cloth fiber.

Stains always come from dirty hands, so make sure your hands are always clean. Never test cleaning products on vintage clothing. If you face a spot, you should check the product on a regular piece of clothing to make sure the product responds well.

Know About Caring For Vintage Garments

Cloth Garment Bags

Most vintage garments are fragile or sensitive, and the way you preserve them in your closet can easily affect their condition. The best way to preserve them well, and to put a barrier between them and other clothes, is to put them in cloth garment bags.

Unique clothing requires special treatment. For the best preservation, ensure that the bag is made of qualitative cloth and that the vintage item can “breathe” in it.

Padded Hangers

While vintage clothing varies and may have different needs in their preservation, there are some universal, and yet essential aspects to keep in mind. One of them is the hangers.

You can’t hang vintage garments just on any hunger if you want to enjoy that piece of clothing for a long while. You need padded hangers because they prevent sensitive clothing like vintage garments from shoulder bumps, which will distort the shape most unpleasantly.

As well, make sure you provide qualitative padded hangers, because a bad, poorly qualitative hanger can do more damage than you may first think of.


Vintage clothing is not a day to day clothing item. Vintage garments should be saved for special occasions. For that reason, they usually spend some time in the closet, which can come with a subtle unpleasant smell sometimes.

Washing vintage clothes because the smell is not the solution. The solution for getting rid of any unpleasant smell is white vinegar. Yes, you heard me right. You just need a spray bottle and mix 10% vinegar and 90% water and simply mist the solution over the item. This solution does wonder even on cigar smoke and pollution odors.

Know About Caring For Vintage Garments steamer


Almost any piece of clothing needs to be ironed, but not every clothing is right to be ironed, but rather steamed. We are living in modern times, so technology is making ironing very easy for us thanks to qualitative steamers from the market.

Wrinkles happen all the time on vintage clothing since it’s usually more sensitive. Therefore, you should always keep the steamer close and use it before you put back the clothing item in the wardrobe.

use gentle detergent for old clothes

Gentle Detergent

Even vintage garments need some washing up every now and then. If the whole item needs a refresh, I highly suggest leaving the cleaning process in the hands of specialists. But if you are dealing with a stain, you can handle the situation with a gentle detergent.

You can even find in some stores special detergents for vintage clothing. But the better you take care of your vintage items, the less washing they’ll need, and the better they will preserve in time.


Vintage garments are unique, and, for that reason, they require special care. But their beauty is incomparable, so all the effort is totally worth it. Go on, rock that vintage outfit, and take proper care of it after you looked like a god/goddess in it.

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