5 Ways to Have a Tech Filled, Eco Friendly Garden

Today’s modern lifestyle is often blamed for environmental degradation but there is plenty of tech available that actually help us live more environmentally conscious.

A good mantra to keep in mind when making changes at home is how to minimize our ecological footprint.

We can create a more eco friendly garden by using natural materials, not disturbing the existing ecosystem and adding elements that attract more biodiversity.

Eco Friendly Garden tech filled

Thanks to tech and modern products we can do all that without foregoing our own comforts.

For example, inflatable hot tubs are cheap and since they do not need an elaborate permanent installation it also won’t alter the natural vegetation.

So, we can still live in luxury when choosing the right type of products and use technological developments to our advantage.

Here are 5 simple ways we can make our garden more environmentally friendly using tech.

5 Ways to Have a Tech Filled

Eco Friendly Garden tech filled

1. Outdoor Solar Lights

Solar lighting is fantastic for so many reasons. It is one of the easiest outdoor lights to install because no wiring is needed, it does not add to the electric bill since it uses self-generated renewable energy and does not pollute.

Create ambiance in your backyard and add security lighting for your front yard with zero running costs by installing solar powered outdoor lighting.

There are plenty of designs available from solar path lighting to flood lights, pond lights and any kind of wall fixture.

One thing to note is that their placement is important. The lighting fixtures should get maximum sunlight all year round, something to consider when living in the Northern regions with less sunlight during the winter.

Eco Friendly Garden tech filled

2. Battery-Powered Landscaping Tools

Most beautiful gardens require some level of maintenance. When using landscaping power tools like lawnmowers, trimmers and brush cutters, we recommend making a simple swap from gas-powered tools to battery-powered tools.

Using electric tools powered by a battery pack gives you all the benefits of a cordless device with the added advantages of zero emissions, quieter running, minimal maintenance and lower running costs.

There is even a way to lower the cost of getting a complete set of gardening tools; use the same battery for all electric landscaping tools by choosing a an appropriate brand suite.

Eco Friendly Garden

3. Conserve Water with Smart Systems

Water is a valuable natural resource and unfortunately gardening does not have the best reputation in that field. Learn how to adopt water conserving gardening methods and look into tech systems that make monitoring water usage easier.

There are several smart irrigation systems available today, ranging in price points and ease of use, for example smart sprinkler systems.

There are both systems for commercial and residential use so do a quick online search and look up which technologies are most suitable for your garden type, climate and vegetation.

There are three main smart irrigation system types, one that collects weather-based data, one that reacting to soil moisture and the type that combines both. A combination is the most effective choice.

Don’t forget about the non-tech water conservation methods, though. For example, installing a rain barrel to collect rainwater for watering plants or using mulch to prevent weeds and losing moisture to evaporation.

plant monotoring system tech filled

4. Grow with Plant Monitors

Everyone that is new to gardening will have one common fear; killing the plants. We have no way of directly communicating with a plant so a lot of the care that we provide them with is based on guesswork.

There is a tech solution for this issue, one that makes sure you always know exactly what the plants need; a smart plant monitor.

A plant monitor is a device that is placed inside the soil and takes measurements on the soil pH level, ground moisture, fertilizer levels, temperature and weather conditions.

Most of these devices have a wireless connection to a smartphone or other type of monitoring device. This gives you complete access to the exact soil and weather conditions so that you can alter the gardening plan accordingly – no more guesswork.

pest control  tech filled garden

5. Ultrasonic Pest Control

There are frequencies that some garden pests can hear but humans cannot. Installing ultrasonic devices that emit signals at those particular frequencies annoys some common pests and keeps them out of the area.

The environmental advantage of using this form of pest control is that it does not add any harmful chemicals to the soil which also protects the water quality in the area. Ultrasonic pest control devices also do not do any harm to the vegetation.

There is some discussion on how effective ultrasonic pest control is but there are very few negative impacts of placing these devices.

They are safe to use but do monitor whether your pets are bothered by the devices since they can possibly hear it, too. For more pest control possibilities you may get a look pest control omaha.

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