The Most Picturesque and Equipped Motorhome Parks in Scotland

There’s not enough adventure in our lives. We spend a considerable amount of our time in front of a computer and TV screen. Most people don’t have a choice – it is a part of their job. How could you deal with this unfortunate state of affairs? A motorhome trip would undoubtedly add some excitement to your life. If you have no idea where to go, worry not. In a second you’ll learn about the most beautiful motorhome parks in Scotland. Let’s go!

motorhome parks in Scotland

Barlochan Holiday Park

If you feel like you need to get away from big cities as far as possible, then this park, located in south-west Scotland is a perfect choice. A short distance away, there is a Big Barwhanny Loch where you can fish in a tranquil environment, surrounded by nature. Among other attractions, there is a games room and a heated pool. If you intend to go on vacation with minors, they will have a wonderful time in a play area for children. If the adults want some fun too, there is a pub in Palnackie, a village located nearby.

motorhome parks in Scotland

Seaward Holiday Park

It is an exceptional holiday destination if you want to ensure that the kids are happy. There’s nothing like a lighthouse in the distance to inspire the questions of the young ones. That’s not all, though. Children’s amusements, swimming pool, and a children’s play area will make it easier to appease even the most unpredictable of the kids. According to the experts at Oaktree Motorhomes, keeping children happy during the entire duration of the trip is always a challenge.

If breath-taking scenery isn’t enough, there is a town of Kirkcudbright a few kilometres from a park. If you are interested in either art or history, you could visit museums, art galleries, or perhaps explore castle ruins.

motorhome parks in Scotland

Brighouse Bay Holiday Park

If you are looking for a place where you could take your dog and children, then look no more!  There’s a picturesque beach nearby, awaiting everyone who needs to relax for a bit. That’s not all; those who love physical activity will find beautiful mountains that you could explore for hours. If you return to the park, tired after a long trek, there will be an indoor pool, and a jacuzzi waiting for you – things not commonly found in motorhome parks.

If you need to clear your mind, you could try your luck at the golf course. Even if you aren’t an experienced player, perhaps you’ll meet interesting people, and if there’s one thing that motorhome parks don’t ever lack, then it’s people with fascinating stories. Given the fact that excellent stories go hand in hand with alcohol, there’s also a lounge bar – just remember to be reasonable with the stories!

motorhome parks in Scotland

Glentrool Camping and Caravan Site

If you feel that you need to take a break from society, you could regain a peace of mind in this place located in southern Scotland. Want to reconnect with the way of life of our ancestors? You’ll find ancient forests, spectacular views; beauty and tranquility. It is also one of the best places on Earth for stargazing. Too often do we focus too much on things that don’t ultimately matter – maybe the sight of shining stars will help you to analyze your priorities in life?

camping in Scotland

Lochranza Caravan and Camping Site

A perfect place for those who travel with their entire family, or for those who don’t want to live in spartan conditions. You’ll find:

    • Electric hooks
    • Hot showers
    • Toilets
    • Washbasins
    • Cooking shelter
    • Toilet disposal point
    • Laundry

It doesn’t mean, though, that comfort is the only thing that you’ll find here. It wouldn’t be a truly Scottish place without a lake and a medieval castle a short walking distance away. If you are looking for something a tad more modern, though still unquestionably Scottish, there is a golf course next to the site.

Loch Ness camping in Scotland

Loch Ness Bay Camping

There’s not enough excitement in the life of the modern man. We can check every fact on the internet in the matter of seconds, which means that we are not leaving any space for doubts. Perhaps in this black-and-white world, you could use a sense of mystery?

Besides the ability, if you are lucky, to see the ancient beast with your own eyes, you’ll have access to electric hookups, clean water, and toilets. You won’t find luxurious conditions here, but who needs them, when blood-thirsty beasts are lurking in the shadows?

To Each His Own!

Scotland offers a wide range of motorhome parks. Some of them will provide extraordinary comfort, whereas others should only serve as a base from which you should start your journey. Before you begin your trip, check the website of your intended destination and ensure that there is any room left!

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