4 Scientific Reasons to Smoke Weed

Marijuana is becoming more socially accepted in the U.S. as it is legalized medicinally and recreationally in more and more states. In the state of California, for instance, cannabis has been fully legalized, and in doing so it has caused the cannabis industry to flourish. Let’s smoke some weed.

California is known for having some of the highest quality cannabis products available in their dispensaries. Need help with navigating all the dispensaries around you? WeedMaps is an online directory of dispensaries across the country, and it is a great tool to use in a place like California where dispensaries are abundant. Say you are looking for a shop in Santa Rosa, CA., and you want to look through reviews and menus of the stores near you. If you search for a Santa Rosa dispensary through WeedMaps, a map of the area will populate with all the medicinal and recreational retailers, and you can filter the search terms by reviews, hours, and ordering options.

Scientific Reasons to use cannabis
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Some of the most popular dispensaries to find premium cannabis in and around Santa Rosa are CannaCraft, MendoCann, and OrganiCann. CannaCraft is a cannabis manufacturer located in Sonoma County whose nursery workers and harvest crew create products for several different brands and Santa Rosa marijuana dispensaries. OrganiCann and MendoCann have locations from Santa Rosa to Oakland. In their online stores, you can find their most popular products like vape carts and tinctures of different ratios and strengths, but you can also find things like brand merch and “high art.”

Scientific Reasons to Smoke Weed
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WeedMaps’ directory is an excellent tool for experienced cannabis users, but it can also be helpful for skeptics. While the medical cannabis industry is growing steadily in several other states, there is still some stigma surrounding the drug due to the spreading of misinformation along with a lack of awareness about the benefits of THC and CBD. Still, to this day there is false information being spread about marijuana smoke, and THC in general, like that it causes birth defects and reproductive harm. (Neither effects have been proven.)

Everyone has cannabinoid receptors that allow your body to take in the cannabinoids in THC. Your cannabinoid receptors react differently based on their sensitivity, and you will also feel different effects based on the strain, method of consumption, and amount. Many people are unaware of the many forms of cannabis that are consumed in different ways. Whether it is a tincture, cart, flower, or capsule— just to name a few— you can expect the typical effects, strength, and length of the high to differ with each new smoke.

Scientific Reasons to Smoke Weed
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We’ve learned what we know about cannabinoid receptors and the effects of marijuana on the body through research. It’s also through scientific studies that we’ve found how THC and CBD can be used to treat a variety of health conditions.

Mental Health

Certain strains of cannabis, as well as CBD, have been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of different types of mental illnesses. CBD is known for helping with different anxiety disorders because the typical effects of using this form of cannabis derivative are calming and lack any euphoric sensations. People who suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders have found great success with the use of Indica— a strain of THC known for sedative properties. Vape carts can be very helpful and convenient for someone using cannabis to treat mental illness. They are portable, low-odor, and fast-acting.

Chronic Pain and Fatigue

The cannabinoid receptors in our brains are directly related to pain relief, which is why marijuana is becoming a popular form of pain treatment and management, especially when using weed means you can forgo the use of highly addictive pain medications. There has been an explosive increase in the use of cannabis within older populations, largely because of its effectiveness in treating things like pain, fatigue, and nausea.

Scientific Reasons touse cbd oil
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Strains such as Sativa are very popular for treating symptoms like fatigue and pain because the strain is known to have euphoric and uplifting effects. For people with autoimmune disorders or forms of dysautonomia, chronic pain and fatigue is a daily — and often debilitating— experience. Tinctures are an extremely effective form of consumption for these patients because the typical effects they desire are longer lasting when ingested orally.

Lung Health

Scientific Reasons to Smoke Weed
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Though it may come as a surprise to some, a study conducted on cardiovascular disease risk factors found that casual weed users actually had increased lung capacity and function. The researchers expected marijuana smoke to have the same effect on the lungs as cigarettes, but they were surprised by the results. They also expected lung damage to occur in cases of extreme use, but there was little to no evidence to prove this as these users still high numbers in measured lung performance.


A big reason why the cannabis industry has grown so rapidly, especially medicinally, is because of the benefits seen with the use of THC and CBD in the treatment of cancer patients. Not only is weed known to offset the side effects of chemotherapy and relieve pain, but it has also helped ease symptoms like tremors and seizures in patients young and old.

The Science Says: Smoke More Weed

The only way to end the negative stigma surrounding weed use is to continue to share the facts: weed can really help people. There are an overwhelming amount of examples of cannabis changing people’s lives for the better, which is why the cannabis industry has become so lucrative in states that have already legalized weed use.

It’s important to note that weed should be treated like any mind-altering substance: Do not smoke and drive, or handle any kind of heavy machinery while under the influence. Check with your doctor if you’re unsure about using cannabis, or if it can have a negative reaction to any medications you’re currently taking.

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