Can You Take CBD Oil With Food?

When it comes to CBD, there are many misconceptions. Some claim that it is the miraculous drug that was hidden from the public by the evil elites, while others are scared to try it out, out of fear of going insane. What is the truth? In a second, you’ll learn what CBD is, what are the effects of CBD, and whether you could take CBD oil with food. Let’s go!

What is CBD?

CBD is one of the components of Cannabis sativa but also of industrial hemp. It has a variety of positive effects on the human body, though it won’t make you high. THC is the compound that is also found in Cannabis sativa that has psychoactive properties. Which means that if you would like to get high, you should stick to THC.

take CBD oil with food

Can CBD Oil be Taken With Food?

Okay, so if getting high isn’t one of your priorities, because you are interested in the positive effects of CBD on your brain and body, then is it okay for you to take CBD oil with food? The answer is: yes! Not only is it allowed, but it could make the effects of CBD even stronger. How?

If you swallow CBD oil, the concentration of it that reaches your systemic circulation is greatly reduced. Why? It’s because of the first-pass effect. Once it reaches the liver, CBD will get metabolized into its metabolites. If you were to take THC, this process would actually enhance the effects of the compound, but unfortunately, in the case of CBD, it is not the case.

If you want to make the effects of CBD stronger, then you should eat it with fatty acids, so i.e. with fish or almonds. It would diminish the extent to which CBD gets metabolized in the liver. Alternatively, you could just hold it under your tongue. This way, it could be absorbed by mucous membranes, which would allow it to go to your bloodstream directly. If you have no idea how to add CBD oil to your diet, check out those healthy CBD breakfast ideas.

Okay, and is it okay to take it on an empty stomach? The answer is: it’s best to avoid that. No, it won’t be dangerous in any way. Although you’ll start feeling the effects quicker than if you were to take it after eating a meal, the bioavailability will be lower. And it’s not a small difference – a study has found out that taking CBD after a hearty meal could increase its potency several times.

Okay, so what are the effects of taking CBD oil?

take CBD oil with food

Pain Relief

CBD is often taken for pain management. Besides providing pain relief, it is not addictive, though that’s not all. It also has anti-addictive properties, which means that it could help people who are addicted to painkillers. It would make the pain much more bearable, but also help people break the habit.

Reduces Stress

CBD is also great at reducing anxiety. In today’s world, we are always rushing somewhere, and the number of responsibilities can often seem unbearable. Many people try self-medication to make their situation better, though usually it only makes the situation worse. CBD, on the other hand, is not addictive, and it’s possible side effects are harmless, which means that it is a great alternative to alcohol, weed, or opioids. Aside from reducing stress, it also doesn’t give you any kind of “high”, which means that you’ll be able to function normally after digesting even high doses of CBD.


CBD is also a potent antioxidant. Sure, there are other ways through which you could attempt to clean your body from free radicals and toxins, but given the fact that we stuff our bodies full of unhealthy foods, this property could be helpful as well.

The Myths

There are many misconceptions regarding CBD. Although it is not a magical cure for everything, it has several notable properties that could make the lives of many people better. If you think that it could help you, then it’s best to take CBD oil with food. Because of that, you will start feeling the effects later, though they’ll be noticeably enhanced, which should be worth it. Alternatively, try out CBD gummies that will take you to PARADISE with it’s fruity taste and of course, the experience that comes with it.

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