Top Austin Locations to Find the Best Wedding Venues

Besides being known for unique cuisines, cool bars, a rocking music scene, and outdoor activities, Austin is also famous for its fantastic and dreamy wedding locations.

Offering a perfect balance of urban city feel and a countryside retreat, some of the best wedding venues in Austin have become dream destinations for many couples.

If you are also one of the couples hypnotized by this dream wedding destination, a hearty congratulation is in order for making the right decision.

wedding venues in Austin
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Without further ado, let’s dive into some of the best Austin locations housing the best wedding avenues.

Downtown Austin

If you are a stickler for mansion-theme-based weddings with gorgeous country landscapes and outdoor galas, then Downtown Austin should be on top of your list.

Also, imagine treating your wedding guests to some of the world-famous city attractions. With many wedding venues Downtown just an easy drive away from adventurous areas like Lady Bird Lake, Hill Country, and Zilker Park, you can even plan a complete post-wedding getaway with your loved ones.

Is there a better way to impress guests and become the talk of the town?

Fitzhugh Road

Marriages do not have to be a serious affair all the time. In fact, more and more people are now going against the “norms” to celebrate their love and marriage on their terms.

Why walk across monotonous tiles and static walls when you can jog across a ranch and fall into your partner’s arms?

If this sounds like your wedding, then it is time you make Fitzhugh road your marriage location. From open-air dance floors to marvelous outdoor architectural structures, ranch-style wedding venues in Austin and Fitzhugh road are working on adding that fairytale magic to weddings.

What’s more, this location is also an enlightening destination for connoisseurs of craft brews and spirits. Spirits can indeed elevate the mood of weddings.

If tasting spirits is you or your partner’s favorite pastime, you can even plan to visit a brewery near the location.

wedding venues in Austin
Dripping Springs/Source: Pinterest

Dripping Springs

Austin is synonymous with nature and outdoor events. As you have chosen Austin as your wedding location, it would not make sense to plan an indoor wedding, robbing the guests of the marvels of nature.

If your idea of a wedding includes a mix of the good old Southern hospitality and hill country beauty, Dripping Springs will probably be your dream wedding location.

With more than thirty wedding venues located close to each other, Dripping Springs boasts the natural beauty of Austin and Texas. From Vietnamese Chapels to churches, mansions, and barns, you can find wedding venues with different themes in this location. Who can say no to tying knots at the wedding capital of Texas?

Cedar Street and Lake Travis

Cedar Street is one of the best locations offering mesmerizing wedding venues in Austin, which can take your breath away with striking views of Lake Travis. A grandeur and elegant wedding in the middle of perfectly manicured grounds and a romantic atmosphere is what you will get with venues in Cedar Street.

With the flexible option to choose indoor or outdoor ceremony, this prime location in Austin is known for wedding venues with majestic ballrooms and stately aesthetics. Who doesn’t dream of getting married like royalty?

Have you found a place of your liking yet? If yes, don’t waste much time contemplating it because Austin indeed is a sought-after location for couples planning marriage. Fix a place right away and start with your dream wedding preparation soon!

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