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Weddings are one of the most important ceremonies in many societies; they signify a new chapter in the lives of the bride and groom, as well as their immediate families. Even though weddings are generally fun, lively, and memorable, they can also be very demanding due to the immense planning and coordination. Whether the ceremony eventually concludes perfectly or minor hiccups were encountered along the way; precious memories are what people end up cherishing the most. Wedding photography plays a huge role in capturing special moments.

Free Wedding Photography Tutorials

It’s important to note that wedding photography isn’t the same as other photoshoots; this is because the photographer only has limited time to capture special moments without getting the chance of do-overs. Therefore, if you are new to this field, Wedding Photography Tutorials can greatly help you to hone your shooting skills.

One important thing most photographers overlook when doing wedding photography is having a well-structured contract. Formal agreements help by mitigating and eliminating any potential disputes along the way. Furthermore, it’ll also aid in setting clear goals and deliverables which will bring both you and your clients on the same page on what needs to be done. To help you become better in this field, here’s a detailed wedding photography tutorial.

Learn from the Best

If you’re just starting as a wedding photographer, the best way to advance your skills is by working with a professional photographer. Choosing to work with an expert photographer will help you learn vital hands-on techniques which you would later apply when you start your business venture. Working with a professional will also help you avoid a lot of rookie mistakes, thus accelerate the speed at which you learn the vital principles of photography.

Testing Your Equipment Beforehand

Before the day of the shoot, you should check whether all your gadgets are working correctly. Some of the must-have equipment includes several camera lenses, tripod stand, ample memory storage, and proper lighting tools. Given that the couple has entrusted you with the role of capturing one of the pivotal moments in their lives, it won’t be professional to have insufficient tools that would cause the shoot to be substandard. Ensure you carry sufficient accessories during the day of the shoot. Here’s a good rule of thumb; it’s better to have more tools at your disposal rather than lacking important gadgets that would end up limiting your creativity and your work.



Planning the Shoot

Many professional photographers plan their photoshoot before the actual day. This gives them a clear road map on what to needs to be done and how to capture the right moments. Moreover, pre-planning a shoot will also save you a lot of time during the actual day. The couple could also have their suggestions on what they want to be captured during their wedding day; ergo, the pre-planning phase would be the right time for you and the client to be on the same page to facilitate a smooth process during the big day.

Free Wedding Photography Tutorials

Capturing the First

The whole idea behind wedding photography is capturing striking moments. One huge secret of taking impeccable photos is by capturing the first everything; the first look, the first kiss, first dance, etc. You should ask the couple whether they have any moment they regard as special which they would like to see on some of the photos. Setting your camera to have a high shutter speed can help you get the important moments fast. You should also consider hiring an assistant and another proficient photographer who will be helping you with the shoot. Wedding venues are typically big and have multiple guests. If you’d be working alone, you might miss out on other special moments that might be happening simultaneously including the reactions of their families and friends.

Don’t Forget the Group Photo

Many people congregate at weddings to celebrate a new chapter in the lives of two people; hence, ensure you take as many group photos as possible. Group photos make an incredible photo album that complements the photos of the couple. Coordinating a group photo is somewhat challenging; still, your team can help you to organize the people to capture the appropriate shots.


A lot of things normally go into wedding photography; as the photographer, you have to be well organized for the whole process to go as planned. Even though the points outlined above are few, they can greatly help you to become a better wedding photographer.

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