How to Plan a ‘Cool’ Summer Wedding in Dallas, TX?

Weddings are enjoyable. You plan for weeks, create a wedding playlist, pick your dresses or suits, and keep the vibe high until the big day. But what if it’s set in the months of June or July? No need to worry; your special day will be a dream with expert-curated tips and tricks.

All you have to do is, take a summer check for venue, food, and dresses, and keep reading until the end.

Beat the Heat With the Following 5 Tips

Summer Wedding in Dallas

If your wedding planner is set in the hottest months of the year, overcoming scorching heat can be challenging. But it is possible. So, here are a few tips to keep the high temperatures in check and plan your dream wedding in some of the best modern wedding venues in Dallas.

 Pick the Right Venues in Dallas TX

Venues are as crucial as choosing the right fit for wedding gowns or tuxedos. When the sun is at its peak, selecting a suitable ranch event venue is the first step to helping you and your guests escape the hot and dry weather.

So, once the date is set, check– ‘who & how many are on the guest list.’ It will help you determine the size of the venue your event requires. Next, you must have a clear understanding of the amenities provided. For this, you can ask venue owners a few questions, such as:

Does the venue include chairs and tabletop essentials?

Will they offer beverage and food catering?

Clearly communicating your requirements to the owners will help them appropriately prepare for your dream wedding venue.

 Use Seasonal Blooms & Pastel Color Palette

Since you choose warm weather, why not select the elements that vibe summer without increasing the temperatures? The best way here is to use seasonal flowers while decorating your dream venue event center. You can pick the delicate Peonies or go for the all-time-favourites Roses.

After blooms come the hues. As sunny days are primarily about bright and vibrant colors, choose a palette that lets you experiment. You can choose bright colors like Fuchsia or stick to a romantic palette.

 Add Summer Drinks to the Menu

Deciding on a weather-appropriate menu is another thing you can not miss on a blazing hot day. So, add a few cooling drinks, frozen treats, and light food options that are less spicy.

Your guests will appreciate your efforts and will enjoy the relishing treats comfortably.

Budget, Budget, & Budget

Dream wedding venue in Dallas, Tx, check. A subtle color palette, check. Summer-perfect menu, check. What else?


While you are all set with the essentials, it’s time to consider the expenses each will involve. For this, segregate the expected bills into major and minor. Here, venue expenses would majorly contribute to the wedding budget, and ‘Thankyou’ return gifts will be small, considering your number of recipients.

Keep Plan B Ready

Well, this is the era of an unpredictable climate. So, without a doubt, you must have a backup plan at the venue location to host unexpected rain showers or storms. Ask the venue owners if they have proper arrangements if the weather turns unpredictably not in favor of an outdoor wedding.

Proactive planning ensures your special day remains the way you planned it.


That’s a wrap! If you have been wondering what more you can do to make your summer weddings ‘cooler,’ just stick to the basics– eat, party, and repeat.

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