Traveling with Back Pain: 5 Tips for a More Comfortable Trip

Back pain is regarded as one of the most common ailments around the globe, affecting millions of people here in the United States. Whether you’re off on a business trip or a vacation with your family, it’s important that you feel as comfortable as possible, especially if you have a long-haul flight ahead, or have to carry heavy luggage around. To help make your trip as stress-free and comfortable as possible, here are 5 tips to take onboard.

traveling with back pain

Plan Your Flights Carefully

If you suffer from back pain, flying is said to be one of the most difficult parts of a trip, especially as you may be shoehorned into a cramped environment on board the aircraft. Whether you’re flying short haul or long distance, sitting in an economy-class seat for hours on end can cause excruciating pain. If you’re going on a long-haul flight, it’s best to book nonstop flights where you can as this will reduce the time spent in the air and minimize the number of times you have to carry your heavy luggage into an overhead bin.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Before you go on your trip, it’s important that you’re well rested and full of energy to get through the day ahead. Getting from A to B can be stressful and exhausting for even the most frequent of travelers. Experience the best comfort while driving with this seat cushion for truck driver. On the other hand, if you suffer from back pain, investing in a good quality mattress that supports you can be a huge help. If you aren’t sure where to purchase a new mattress, this is a really good guide to follow.

Get Up and Move

Unless you have no problem sleeping on planes and plan to get plenty of sleep throughout the entire flight, it’s likely that you’ll want to have an aisle seat on the plane. Having an aisle seat will give you the chance to stand up frequently and move around the cabin without causing any disturbance to your fellow seatmates. If you sit in the same position for too long, this can cause pain and stiffness, so it’s advised to get up as much as you can and perform simple stretches to help deal with any back pain you’re experiencing.

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Pack Light

If you’re the type of person that packs their whole closet into their suitcase, you may not realize the damage it can be causing to your back. For those who suffer from back pain, every extra item you throw into your luggage is one more thing that you will have to put into the overhead compartment, not to mention having to drag your suitcase from your car to the airport. If you aren’t sure about what to pack, the best rule of thumb to follow is to pack as light as you can.

Bring Accessories

While it’s advised to pack light for your trip, the one area that you should never scrimp on is any items that can help soothe your back pain. Whether it’s a seat cushion, massage cushion, lumbar pillow, or heating pads, bringing things with you that can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed can only be a good thing, especially if you’re on a long-haul flight. To free up space, you may wish to purchase travel-friendly lumbar pillows that can self-inflate, meaning they can easily be flattened into your hand luggage. The last thing you want is to arrive at your destination in severe pain, so having accessories that provide maximum comfort is key.

It’s important to note that these tips are general guidelines only, meaning they do not apply to all back problems. Before you head out on your trip, it’s advised to see your doctor first who can give you more information and guidance on what to do to ensure your trip goes smoothly.

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