What You Should Be Wearing When You Fly

Flying is something you either like or try to avoid altogether, but one thing’s absolutely certain: when you must fly, you do it without asking questions. Now, aside from having a fear of flying, many people wonder what to do while waiting for their flight and most importantly, how to dress when they’re travelling someplace else. What you wear when you fly is largely determined by the duration of your flight, but in case you’re wondering what you wear for your next flight, here are some ideas that you should consider:

Wearing When You Fly

1 First of All, Make Sure You’re Comfortable

There’s nothing more saddening than seeing an overdressed girl in super tight jeans and 6-inch heels dragging her suitcase while trying to look flawless and stylish. Of course, if you like wearing heels, feel free to do so, but you should always put your comfort first. Being effortlessly stylish is something you practice every day, so always make sure to choose clothes that make you feel cozy, especially if you’re supposed to change flights or wait long hours at the airport. In that case, wearing a tracksuit is more than welcome, as tracksuits can be made to look fashionable if you know how to do that. Pair them with a pair of nice-looking white sneakers and get a sports bag or backpack that matches with your whole outfit.

What You Should Be Wearing When You Fly

2 You Can’t go Wrong With a Pair of Jeans

If you don’t know what to wear, you can just put on your fave pair of jeans and match them with your favourite sweatshirt, hoodie, turtleneck or a jumper. The possibilities are endless, so feel free to experiment. When it comes to footwear, you can wear anything you like: chucks, army boots, flip-flops or choose clothes that make you feel cozy — the choice is all yours. It’s important to make sure that your footwear is easy to remove or untie because you might get asked to take them off during the security check. So, if you decide to wear jeans, it’s advisable to choose a model that’s slightly loose, like boyfriend jeans, or basically anything that’s breathable and comfortable.

pair of jeans for fligh

3 Go Easy on the Jewellery

It’s true: jewellery can change the way you look in an instant. If you wear a regular outfit consisting of a plain tee and a pair of jeans, adding a statement necklace will immediately make it more interesting and attractive. Yet, if you’re traveling, you need to pay attention, since wearing a lot of pieces of jewellery can cause complications when passing through a metal detector. Make sure to bring your travel jewellery case from Roam Often. Therefore, it’s recommended to wear only one or two pieces, so if you’re looking to wear something, make sure to pick a piece that’s easy to remove, such as an adjustable silver thumb ring that can be modified according to the size of your thumb. Additionally, you can wear a pair of statement clip-on earrings since they’re easy to take off and can be worn in almost any situation.

comfortable wear to fly

4 Wear Something With Long Sleeves

Airports are heavily air-conditioned and flying in the middle of the night can be a very freezing experiences, so make sure to wear something with long sleeves that can keep you warm if it gets too cold during the flight. Choosing a light cardigan or a denim jacket can be more than enough. You can also wear a long-sleeved shirt, but it’s always better to opt for something that you can take off and put it in the bag. Even if you fly during the summer, it’s advisable to wear something long-sleeved as a back up in case you start feeling cold in the middle of the flight. There are many elegant options to pick from, so you’ll definitely find something that works for you.

wear something with long sleeves when you fly

5 Choose Light and Pleasant Materials

Leather pants may look good on a celebrity that gets papped leaving the airport, but you’re not a celebrity, so always pick clothes that are made of light and absorbent materials such as cotton, flannel, polyester and linen. In case you tend to feel cold often, you can also choose something made of wool, but always ensure that extra pieces of clothes can be folded well and put into your carry-on luggage without taking too much space.

Most of us get disheartened seeing photos of celebrities and fashion influencers looking all fabulous while waiting for their flight, but always remember that those photos are often staged and that famous people have stylists who plan their whole outfits, so they’ll look good in their public outings. Keep in mind that you can always look good and stylish if you want to, just pick clothes that make you feel in your own skin.

wear when you fly

In conclusion, picking clothes for your flight isn’t a difficult task if you decide to keep your focus on comfortable materials and choose cuts that highlight everything that’s good about you, such as your curves, or your long legs. Don’t compare yourself to others, instead wear things that cause you to feel positive and good in your own body.

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