How to Dress Like a 90s Supermodel

How to Dress Like a 90s Supermodel

From dark brown lips and grunge glam to plaid and Pokemon, the 90s are making a huge comeback in almost every area of pop culture. But apart from the trends and memories we all hold dear, what made this decade truly memorable was the style, fashion and the rise of the supermodels. Claudia, Cindy, Naomi, Kate, and all the modeling industry’s greatest are women who not only invented the term ‘supermodel’, but also evoked so much confidence and beauty that every major magazine wanted them to grace their covers. Mysterious and unattainable, yet glamorous and down to earth, there’s no wonder why so many women want to attain that fashionable image, even today. If you want to embody their essence in your everyday style as well, here are some ways you can dress like a 90s supermodel:

Show Your Curves in High-Waisted Jeans

How to Dress Like a 90s Supermodel

Cindy Crawford leaning against a Pepsi machine in high-waisted Levi’s is one of the most iconic 90s images we can think of, and there’s no denying that those classic denim jeans were a closet essential during the decade. Comfortable, casual and ideal for highlighting your feminine figure, high-waisted jeans are making a comeback once again. While you can always opt for skinny high-waisted jeans for a 90s inspired outfit, a pair of mom jeans is the perfect option for recreating this effortlessly beautiful supermodel look. Let’s face it, there is nothing quite simple, yet so incredibly sexy, as a pair of well-fitting vintage jeans.

Rock Those Plain White Tees

Never underestimate the power of a plain white T-shirt – Claudia Schiffer certainly didn’t. A casual, yet classic and timeless piece that pairs perfectly with almost any other item in your closet, a plain white tee works as a canvas for accentuating your natural beauty, something the iconic supermodels are well aware of. Although you can wear this tee tucked into your high-waisted jeans or even pair it with a plaid miniskirt for a Clueless inspired look, the ultimate 90s outfit might be to layer a plain white tee under some chic denim overalls and rock this revived trend just like the fashion It girls used to.

Sandals are Your New Best Friend

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Another 90s image that has undoubtedly stuck in all of our minds, a teenaged Kate Moss leaning against a sun-cracked stucco wall in a hot, tropical climate immortalized the carefree and relaxed vibe of the decade by giving popularity to casual monochromatic summer looks. Of course, her dreamy all-white tropical ensemble wouldn’t have been as striking if it weren’t for the quintessential Birkenstock Madrid sandals that were the focal point of the outfit and worked beautifully to tie the whole look together. So, take a page out of this supermodel’s book and make chic Birkenstock sandals an integral part of your 90s inspired closet.

Take Advantage of Oversized Tailoring

From blazers and denim jackets to trousers and tracksuits, oversized everything was one of the biggest trends during the 90s. And while we have all realized by now that it’s incredibly hard to pull off a head to toe baggy look if you don’t actually have a supermodel’s figure, there are still some ways you can incorporate oversized tailoring into your outfit to get that 90s vibe, while maintaining a feminine silhouette. Whether you throw on an oversized bomber or blazer over your high-waisted jeans and white tee combo, or you pair baggy cargo trousers with a slim-fitting crop top, make sure to balance out your look and keep it as flattering as it is fashionable.

Go All Out For a Glamorous Evening Look

how to dress like a super model of 90sAt the height of the 90s supermodel era, Naomi Campbell made a striking figure in her silver strapless gown with exposed seams at the ’95 Met Gala, popularizing the trend of dazzling shimmery looks. While you can easily recreate this look or modernize it with a more muted color palette that goes perfectly with the 90s inspired plum and dark lips for a more formal setting, there’s no reason why this iconic look shouldn’t inspire at least one shining night out outfit in the form of a silver slip dress accessorized with plenty of blinding jewels. Embrace this sparkly trend, allow yourself to go all out and shine from head to toe.

If you want to invoke an understated cool vibe in the way you dress, while still carrying an air of sophistication and glamour, take some inspiration from 90s supermodels and follow their incredible fashion rules to become the most effortlessly beautiful version of you.

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