The Ultimate Social Online Casino Game: Aviator from Spribe

Casino games are becoming increasingly popular, especially as new and innovative games are released. Unique styles of casino gaming that have become favourites are arcade-style and crash games. Many providers have jumped onto the market niche, but none are more well-known than Spribe.

Spribe offers a few turbo games, of which the Aviator game is the most popular crash title at casinos. However, what is this game, and why is it fun? Join us as we follow the plane’s journey to learn more about this title.

aviator game

What’s the Aviator Game?

As a crash title, it follows the mechanic of multipliers increasing as the game progresses. The “crash” title for these games comes from the fact that the game will randomly stop, voiding all the multipliers and your bet. In the case of Spribe’s Aviator title, you bet on how high a plane will go before it flies away.

You have a bet option below the screen, where you place your bet between €0.10 and €100. As the aeroplane flies, it’ll increase a multiplier. You can press the cashout button any time and get the multiplier the game was on when you cashed out. However, the higher you go, the better your multiplier and the higher the chance of the aeroplane flying away.

If it flies away while you’re still in the game, meaning you haven’t cashed out yet, then you lose your entire stake and any possible winnings.

Playing the Aviator Game

This title is so popular partly because it’s effortless to play. All you must do is choose your bet size and adjust the bet icon below the game screen. You have two bet icons, meaning you can cash out one bet earlier while keeping the other in the running.

Once you’ve decided on a stake, you press the “Bet” button, and your bet will activate during the next round of the game. If you want to cash out, you simply press the cashout button, which is the same as the bet button. This button will also show you your possible winnings as the plane ascends.

The Social Aspect

This game doesn’t fall into the category of live casino games, but it also doesn’t fit entirely with standard online casino games. Online games are ones you play on your own, with only the RNG determining the results and no other players viewing your gameplay or results.

Meanwhile, live dealer games are social because you can interact with the live dealer and sometimes other players. However, with Aviator, you play the game on your own, but you can view how many other players are also playing the game. You can look up the round history to see at what multiplier the previous rounds ended.

At the end of the round, you’ll also see other players’ winnings. You can view the previous round’s winnings and see how players from across the world playing the game are doing. This way, you get a form of social interaction while playing it.

Why Casino Players Love It

Spribe games are generally quite popular, but Aviator is possibly its most-liked title. Players love the thrill of being an Aviator traversing the multiplier skies. Further, while it has a social aspect, it still mimics an online casino game more, without a live dealer talking in the background. You can choose your avatar and see how other players are progressing in the game. You can also use other players’ bets and previous rounds’ results to determine how you’ll bet.

It’s a popular game in both regular and crypto online casinos, making its players widespread across the globe. Further, it’s a simple thrill, as the moment the plane flies away is solely determined by its RNG software, so it’s truly random.

See Whether You Keep Ascending or Crash

Aviator is a simple game that ascended in popularity among players due to its thrill and social aspect. Players love trying their luck to see how high they can fly without the plane taking off without them. Always remember to play responsibly, only gambling money you can afford to lose to ensure you’re always in control of your bankroll.

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