How To Stay Safe When Traveling Alone

Female solo travel is on the rise, with women of all ages ditching friends and family for a solo trip of a lifetime. With restrictions easing, it’s predicted that a flock of women will begin another solo travel venture.

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However, some women may feel more hesitant about doing so. If you have a trip coming up and you will be required to travel alone, it’s not uncommon to feel anxious about doing so.

Statistics show that 32% of British women don’t feel safe walking alone at night. Whilst travelling alone can feel empowering, staying safe should always be a top priority for travelers – especially females.

So you may be wondering: what can you do to stay safe when travelling alone?

Luckily there are some small steps you can take while travelling alone to keep you safe. We’ve put together our six top tips to keep save on your travels.

How to stay safe on your travels

traveling alone

1 Book your tickets early

One of the best pieces of advice is to book your tickets early. By booking tickets well in advance, you minimise the time hanging around at stations and airports.

The less time hanging around by yourself, the better when travelling solo.

2 If possible, arrive at your destination during the day

While traveling after dark fall can be unavoidable sometimes, it’s best to aim to arrive at your destination before nightfall. Not only will you be able to find your hotel much easier, but you are far less likely to run into trouble.

If you do arrive at night, consider getting a taxi.

3 Share your itinerary with someone

Before you go, share your itinerary, hotel and travel arrangements with a family member or close friend. That way, should anything happen they will know your rough movements.

Also try to keep in touch with family members when you can, even if it is just to share a nice holiday snap.

4 Keep valuables hidden

Although many of us are generally glued to our phones, it’s best to keep your smartphone or expensive camera out of sight.

A small zipped bag or pouch is good for this.

5 Don’t trust people too quickly

If you have just met someone, don’t leave your valuables unattended with them. While some offers to keep your belongings safe may be genuine – some won’t be.

Don’t take the risk and keep valuables on you at all times.

6 Don’t put yourself in risky positions

A little common sense goes a long way! Rather than take shortcuts, stick to main roads and lit paths.

If you’re in a bar, restaurant or on the street and something doesn’t look right – leave. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

While it can be empowering traveling solo, as a woman going it alone, there are some extra precautions to take. Luckily, by using common sense and following these top tips, you can enjoy your trip knowing you are keeping yourself safe.

Bon voyage!

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