How Do You Find Ideas for Posts When Your Fantasy Ends

In this article, you will learn how to get new ideas and at the same time develop relationships with your followers, increasing their interest in the brand.

Every content manager has at least once faced a situation when ideas for a content plan have run out and imagination has run out. But many people forget that every brand (especially large companies like Frost Arnett) has a whole team  to generate ideas, and these are subscribers! If your account still has a small audience, then you can buy Instagram followers. You will learn how to use them to find new ideas for publications in this article.

generating new ideas to write

Method 1. Ask subscribers

Ask subscribers what topics they would like to see new posts on. This will achieve two goals: you will have a whole list of ideas for the content plan, and you will see the information needs of the audience, thereby setting the vector for future changes in the content.

How to ask?

Include a post in your content plan with a specific question for subscribers about what topics they would like to see in your posts;

Ask for feedback under an already published post.

Do not neglect the method indicated in the second paragraph, there is a huge resource in it. To use it, ask your audience one of the following questions:

    • “How useful is the information in the post? Any questions?”;
    • “What other articles on this topic would you like to read?”;
    • “Do you need additional publications on this topic, are there any questions that remained unsolved?”

After receiving the answers, the content manager will not only get new ideas, but also understand what changes should be made to the content plan so that the posts bring the maximum profit to the audience. Moreover, this does not require any additional actions or publications.

Method 2. Take topics from subscribers’ questions

Sometimes new post ideas are just waiting to be noticed. As a rule, you can find them in the comments to your publications.

Most often, this is a real treasure trove of important topics that you could not even think about, being inside the very process of creating and promoting the company’s products or services, since these questions arise only from outsiders. This method is good because the found topics will be really interesting to your subscribers, and these publications have every chance of becoming liked and saved.

Therefore, collect the questions that subscribers asked during the month, select the top 5 from them and make articles with detailed answers to them.

Regardless of which method you use for your social media, to implement it you will need to do comment tracking. Of course, it is difficult to do this manually, because you need to monitor not only fresh posts, but also new comments to old posts.

Here special services will come to the rescue. They send the moderator notifications of new comments from connected social networks, store the collected information and allow you to quickly respond directly from the service.

Finding new ideas for your content plan isn’t that hard. It is more important that this process not only brings new ideas, but also promotes the development of relationships with subscribers and increases their interest in the brand.

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