Don’t Miss Out on These Adventure Activities In Tennessee

Tennessee is famous for nature and its great outdoors. You can get heart-pumping and adrenaline pushing adventures of a lifetime here. You can also seek out breathtaking views that will stay with you forever. Tennessee has quite a lot of destinations that are highly popular among adventure seekers. There is a lot of hidden beauty left to explore in this region.

If you have planned a trip to Tennessee and are looking for some thrilling activities, your options can be quite overwhelming to choose from. We have curated a list of the most amazing things to do in Tennessee.

Adventure Activities In Tennessee

Rock climbing

Tennessee has quite a rugged terrain that is perfect for advanced climbers looking for a challenge. You can choose from a lot of areas. The National Park Service manages the Obed Wild and Scenic River, which is home to more than 310 climbing routes.

They have quite a few routes for beginners as well. One can easily find a path or route that matches their skill level perfectly. There are many other options available such as those at Stone Fort (rated best in the Southeast), Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, and even at Castle Rock.

Ride the Rocky Top Mountain Coaster

If you love a beautiful view, you should most definitely visit Pigeon Forge during your trip to Tennessee. It is home to the amazing Rocky Top Mountain Coaster, the longest one in the whole of east Tennessee.



You can take your whole family to soak up this beautiful panoramic view of the Smoky Mountains together. The experts at Vacations Made Easy recommend booking a spot for yourself early to avoid standing in lines. The ride features several tunnels, and 360 degree turns on over 20 acres of astonishing property. You can control the speed of your cart to enjoy the view.

Visit waterfalls

This land of flowing water has more than 500 waterfalls. The best known and the highest waterfall in the state is most definitely Fall Creek Falls, plunging 256 feet within a state park. You can choose if you wish to hike and make a whole day out of this activity or even choose a waterfall accessible by a short stroll. Another pretty waterfall to visit is called Ruby Falls, named the largest underground waterfall in the United States of America.

Adventure Activities In Tennessee


If you wish to just stay on the water the whole day, Tennessee is definitely the right place for you. It has thousands of acres and miles of streams, rivers, and lakes. If you are visiting west Tennessee, be sure to explore Pickwick Lake at Pickwick Landing State Park, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the area.

Tennessee is the land for people who love the great big outdoors. If you plan a trip here, be sure to research all of the activities you might want to try during your visit. Use this list to help you choose the best adventure activities to do in Tennessee.

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