The Best Bob Smith Tools You Can Consider To Shop

Bob Smith owns his own power tools servicing and sourcing company, named “Bob Smith Tools” which is in operation since 2002. The company specializes in sourcing the power tools for the trade industry and helps professional tradespeople finding the specific tools which are often not easier to source through other means. While running the business Bob Smith found people asking about the best power tools for do-it-yourself projects and due to receiving requests from many people to find the ideal orbital sanders for different home projects namely- renovating coffee tables, sanding wooden flooring, etc.

The Best Bob Smith Tools
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After doing thorough research, the best orbital sanders tools are recommended which are below here and you can pick up the right one from it. This short guide on the best bob smith tools will help you to make a well-informed power tool purchasing decision.

Top random orbital sander for you to shop

Whether you want to sand the old paint off any furniture or get the kitchen cabinets prepared for paint, the best orbital sander will make the admittedly tough task of sanding easier and smoother, and effective than purely scrubbing away using sandpaper.

Contrasting orbit-sanders that purely rotate in tiny circles, random orbital sanders not only rotate but also add minor twisting turns to their movement, meaning rotations need not have a definite pattern and hence are random and the resulting sanding action is smooth and okay. The biggest plus point is that you need not have to worry about the directions of the wood grains. However, you move your orbital sander and it won’t leave noticeable marks or scratches there onto the wood.

Let’s glimpse at the best available random orbital sanders options for you to shop for a variety of purposes.

#1 BOSCH random orbit sander GEX 125-1 AE 250W

It’s a versatile and convenient power tool that can be used by modern-day users. It highly compact and light-weighted it runs on eco-friendlier Bosch lithium-ion technology. This new power tool from Bosch is considered an ideal tool for use in applications including screw driving, drilling, polishing, grinding and sanding, etc.

This tool is having a no-load speed of 7500 to 12000 rpm. Also, it is having an oscillating circuit diameter of 2.5mm. It has 250w of input power. To make sure to have a greater level of handiness for users, the mechanism is outfitted with a Velcro-type of binding as disc attachment.

The Best Bob Smith Tools
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This orbital sander is having an eccentricity of 1.25mm. This tool weighs 1.3kg. The Velcro type of fastening ensures fast convenient changes in the sanding sheet. The tool can also be used for dust extraction.


    • 25mm eccentricity
    • Hook and loop fastening for fast and easy sanding sheet changes
    • Motion plus rotation ensures perfect finishes with a better sanding performance

#2 Makita M9202B- 240w, 125mm, 12000 opm random orbital sander

Makita M9202B- 240w is a high-quality product that is designed by using superlative quality of materials only to ensure long-lastingness. As sanders are highly valuable and dramatic as they rough all uneven spaces into smooth ones. Makita M9202B orbital sander is compact in design and lightweight and thus sanding can easily be done from any position. With this, the finishing and pre-sanding jobs are done smoothly. Makita M9202B with the abrasive disc is balanced perfectly for low vibrations for smooth and extreme operations.

Makita M9202B with abrasive disc gives 12000 opm and is having a pad diameter of 123mm. It uses a power input of 240w for heavy-duty uses. It is mainly used by woodworkers for ensuring flawless finishes.


    • Abrasive disc
    • No-load speed of 12000 opm
    • heavy duty motor is of 240w
    • User-friendlier
    • Durable
    • Low power consumption

#3 Metabo SXE 450 Turbotec 350w ransom orbital sander

This power tool is outfitted with an original modifiable duo oscillating circuit setting. This thus allows sander to change the settings based upon the applications for fine sanding or high stock removal which makes it a dominant device for smoothening surfaces.

The Best Bob Smith Tools
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The sander is having 350w of motor power and it comes with a thumbwheel for preselection. It also has dust-proof ball bearings for the long functionality of the mechanism. Dust removal is made straightforward with a simple to the vacant textile dust bag. Effective extraction is aid by the grinding plates with many holes.


    • The non-slip soft-grip surface
    • Durable and functional
    • Lightweight
    • Orbit diameter of 2.8mm
    • 350w motor power

#4 Stanley STSS025 1/4” 220w sander

This is a powerful and effective 220w motor. It features a high-speed sander for the fast removal of materials. A big orbit size collects all the dust for ensuring user safety. This sander is an ideal and versatile equipment that can be used for activities like- varnish/paint, cleaning glass, derusting, and sanding in hard to reach spaces.

The quick paper change and rocket switch enhances usability and ensures fast paper changes while working. This tool comes with an ergonomic design and a flexible rubber grip for stress-free working. The compact design and lightweight makes this tool to carry easily art different working places for various purposes.


    • Orbit diameter of 1.6mm
    • The paper size of 114×114 mm
    • Pad size of 114×109 mm
    • Rotation speed 16000 opm
    • Reliable to use tool
    • Compact
    • Versatile tool

#5 King 480w 5” random orbit sander, Kp337

This is a premium quality of random orbit sander. It is manufactured using the high quality of material only and the newest technology that makes it up to the standard in this challenging field. The material that is used for manufacturing is acquired from trustworthy and official vendors and is chosen only after doing a thorough market survey. This product is widely appreciated among the buyers for its quality.

The Best Bob Smith Tools
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    • Power consumption is 480w
    • No-load speed ranges between 4000 to 14000 rpm


These are the top recommendations on the best Bob Smith Tools that one can buy. Choose any from these suggestions based upon the exact working requirements.

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