Top 11 Custom Manufactured Wheels That Will Add a Stunning Look to Your Car

The first step toward upgrading vehicle appearance and performance is getting a custom-manufactured set of wheels.  This has become a mainstream goal for car lovers. However, there is more than aesthetics to consider while choosing a new set of wheels. A smart decision should consider a neat look, a safe fit, and tech compatibility.

Switching to custom wheels is a dramatic change that does not come without risks. Tires determine car engine power, safe turning, and braking response. Therefore, choosing a bargain-basement wheel to reduce costs is a dangerous move.

There are three main aspects to keep in mind while choosing a new set of wheels. First, the overall diameter should allow the braking system and suspension parts to function properly. This is essential for safe driving. Secondly, unfitting offset or backspace can cause interference with car body parts and steering components, leading to disruptions when turning. Lastly, as many vehicles come with factory hub-centric fitment, vibration in the steering wheel can generate discomfort while driving, this can be caused by the imbalance that comes from choosing the wrong set of wheels.

The sizing market has been increasing over the last few years. Sizing up wheels gives a more street-worthy appearance, and decreasing wheel diameter increases road performance. Nonetheless, sizing works should secure wheels’ diameter and profile according to the overall tire diameter suggested by the manufacturer.  Choosing wisely while deciding if going longer or wider can set the difference in speed, ABS calibration system proper function, rims durability, and car response under different outdoor scenarios like rain.

A great idea while choosing which custom wheels manufacturers to decide on is to use online services, which allows drivers to take a preview of a selected wheel model on their vehicle. However, due to the wide variety of ranges available to choose from, purchasing a wheel-and-tire combo can be an overwhelming process. To make things a little bit easier, the following are the top ten custom manufactured wheels currently trending on the market.

1. ADV1

Custom Manufactured Wheels to your car

Neatly engineered and designed, these wheels offer a wide range for diameter, width, and color options. ADV1 has over ten years of experience to please even the most demanding buyer, whether a thin multi-spoke or a contoured special design, its platform allows the driver to choose a configuration, a series, and a wheel style, to completely customize a unique design. This product comes with a 3-year warranty coverage for structural claims. These are also available in 20 to 21″ and 9 to 12’’ for widths range.

2. Anything From BlaqueDiamond

Custom Manufactured Wheels to your car

BlaqueDiamond is an experienced custom wheel manufacturer. The company covers over 20 countries with high-end luxury custom rims for various models and makers. The majority of the collection consists of 5 and 6 lug bolt patterns to fit luxury sedan, SUVs and heavy duty trucks. The rims are manufactured in 2 different ways: classic series of one piece aluminium wheels and the series of flow forged wheels. With state of the art equipment, BlaqueDiamond achieves the perfect fitment on virtually any vehicle, all in-house.

3. Konig Hypergram

Custom Manufactured Wheels to your car

With a wide selection of styles and finishes, Konig is a company that produces both simple and artistry looking pieces. This 12-spoke functional and strong backbone design is a lightweight piece that comes with several colors for both professionals and casual tuning fans, especially for motorsport enthusiasts. This can be a great selection for several vehicles because its flow-forming process makes this piece light and strong. Visual appearance and overall reliability make the investment worthy since their prices are hard to beat.

4. Volk Racing TE37

Custom Manufactured Wheels to your car

RAYS is a great company for fanatics of a strong look. Although their design is robust, their all-aluminum forged pieces result in feather-light wheels without strength cutting. Their excellent performance can stand heavy-duty use. TE37 wheels are incredibly strong, 20% more than other aluminum wheels, enough to be used for motorsport. This groundbreaking wheel is the result of a mold-form-forging process that allows the metal to be shaped in a one-step technique that results in a stronger and more temperature-resistant piece. The signature color for this brand is matte bronze. However, the company offers the possibility to individually customize the color of each rim allowing owners to create their unique design according to their needs.

5. HRE Vintage Series 505M


Vintage style has become mainstream for houses décor, clothes, accessories, and wheels. This trend has resulted in high-quality cost-worthy exotic wheels for racing and sports cars. This design evokes 80’s luxury designs now available to newer generations. With a lifetime, limited structural warranty, this antique piece minimizes unsprung mass and rotational inertia. This feature guarantees superior performance and handling.

6. American Racing Vector VN47

Custom Manufactured Wheels to your car

Another custom wheel vintage design company is American Racing. The vector series offers a variety of American iron vintage performance wheels that will surely melt Dukes of Hazzard fans. This classic black satin design is a one-piece aluminum construction. General Lee’s wheels are a multi-spoke concave American racing wheel offered in 15″ sizes.

7. OZ Racing Ultraleggera

Custom Manufactured Wheels to your car

As its name states, this Italian top aftermarket wheel provides the best airflow and ultra-light wheel, along with enough strength for performance lovers. This six double-spoke wheel is a very popular election. OZ offers more than six colors available to pick for this magnesium piece, and over five high-quality certificates. This model is a winter-proof product and it is ready for a tire pressure-monitoring system (TPMS).

8. American Racing Torq Thrust

Custom Manufactured Wheels to your car

This company is now manufacturing wheels for the classic models. Torq Thrust is a very reasonably priced classic hot rod styled piece. This custom wheel company offers a broad range of sizes and finishes. Its website will allow you to assure it will fit and that it will function properly in the targeted vehicle. However, this one-piece polished aluminum beauty is not TPMS Sensor Compatible.

9. Enkei RP03

Custom Manufactured Wheels to your car

Both light and durable, this elegant model offers a simple five-spoke look. Reaching the edge of the rim its design gives a larger appearance to the wheels. This aggressive power rib design adds a 3D look beneficial to racing cars. Enkei SBC (special brilliant coating) is a cosmetic technique to give a chrome-looking finish with synthetic materials. This is especially good for those who do not want to be under a high maintenance regime associated with actual chrome pieces.

10. GramLights Products

Custom Manufactured GramLights Products

As part of RAYS, the company that also owns Volk, these high-quality lightweight customizable wheels will certainly shine. Gram Lights products, especially F series, guarantee optimal performance with convenient prices. GramLights is one of the very few able to deliver optimum performance because its products are significantly stronger and lighter. Thanks to the employment of ground-breaking techniques during the manufacturing process, this brand can offer unique ideas regarding design and finishes to drivers with a passion for sports.

11. BBS Super RS

Custom Manufactured

As a plus in this top then, BBS Super RS is an honorable mention impossible to leave behind the count. This German manufacturer was an 80’s and 90’s reference with its cross-spoke design, ultimately becoming an icon for their market. Currently, their vintage-looking pieces are in the market for luxury vehicles. Their quality, strength, and durability come from two-pieces forged assembly process

It is key to keep in mind that not all wheels are built the same. Options on the table should be specific to model and make of the vehicle, and being able to meet performance expectations. Most of the manufacturers above have a neatly organized selection of their products in categories for vehicle specifications. Whether the driver is a racing, luxury, muscle or another category of customized wheels fan, the final decision should be a reliable and profitable one and a perfect match to their preference. If feeling unsure, the best thing to do is to find professional advice regarding style, performance, and longevity as key benefits of wheel upgrading.

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