Types Of Blinds Suitable For Bathrooms

It might seem like a reach for bathrooms to have blinds. Maybe you would think it as something extra, but the truth is, Keyrenter BuxMont Property Management says, every window in the house requires a good cover in order for it to be utilized properly. Just like how bedrooms require blinds to protect your privacy and to block out light while ensuring you get your beauty sleep, bathrooms definitely need their own window coverings to ensure good ventilation. It is important for bathrooms to be a safe space in your most vulnerable moments and you can achieve this with bathroom blinds that block out the indoor view, prevent unwanted UV rays and heat from entering, while still allowing natural light to filter through.

Blinds Suitable For Bathrooms

Blinds to Avoid for Bathrooms

As important as blinds are for bathrooms, do take note that there are selective materials for bathroom-specific blinds. Due to the high moisture environment, along with high humidity and heat coming from the water, bathrooms are perpetually wet throughout the day. Therefore, great care should be taken to avoid putting up blinds that will not do well in such moist environments. An example would be blinds made of wood, which although elegant and pleasing to the eyes, do not do well in high humidity areas and will crack shortly after exposure to the elements. Fabric is also another material to avoid using as blinds, as exposure to moisture for a long period of time will cause the cloth to wear thin and peel. Do remember to avoid the aforementioned fabrics if you are looking for bathroom window blinds that are practical and durable.

Blinds Catered For Bathrooms, High Moisture Spaces

To find the suitable material for bathroom blinds, you may want to look at materials that do well with water and will be sustainable enough for years. Such examples that fit the bill include Faux Wood blinds, as well as blinds made of aluminum.

Faux Wood Blinds

 As the name suggests, this material is not made from 100% real wood but instead, copies the appearance and texture. This makes them high in demand with a reasonable price tagged to it. They are also known as flexible window coverings, as they are made of synthetic plastic and a mixture of vinyl polymers. These blinds are extremely strong, not to mention dust and humidity-resistant. In cases where it is exposed to water elements, rest assured that they will not crack or peel like other materials. Additionally, they do not turn yellow no matter how long they have been exposed to or under the sun.

When faux wood blinds are closed, you get immediate privacy as the view is completely cut off. Adding to its versatility, the slats will allow glimpses of natural light when they are adjusted at certain angles. Taking care not to let the UV rays and glare in, these blinds will give you full control of lighting, privacy as well as protection from harmful radiation.

To top it all off, faux wood blinds come in assorted colors, as well as slat sizes. They can also be operated either without a cord or motorized, for the utmost convenient experience.

Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum Blinds are another terrific alternative for window coverings. Made of high-quality aluminum, these blinds come in a couple of sizes ranging from half-inch to two and a half inches. There is also an extensive range of colors for you to choose from, and the OCD homeowners need not fret as there will definitely be a color to match your interior decorations and color palette. Similar to faux wood blinds, these aluminum blinds allow you to have master control over your lighting, insulation, and privacy requirements. Aluminum will also not damage after being exposed to moist conditions or water elements, nor will the blinds rust when placed in the bathroom. These blinds are also offered in cordless varieties that make them child and pet-safe, perfect for a family with both living in the house.



Polyester and PVC Roller Shades

Polyester roller blinds are suitable for bathrooms as it is water-resistant, allowing water to simply drip off the material. It also guarantees privacy and natural light, while ensuring that it is durable and sustainable for a long time. Roller shades add a touch of minimalist and class to your bathrooms, and you may choose from ranges such as total light blockage to light filtering, depending on your needs. PVC roller blinds are a tried and tested alternative for bathrooms as they are said to be 100% resistant to moisture and also a great combination for privacy requirements.

Blinds Suitable for Drier Zones

There are undoubtedly more options to look at for bathrooms in the drier zones. These are for blinds not situated near any moist spaces, such as the bath, sink, or shower.

Roman Shades

Roman shades feature simplistic designs that make for a rather outstanding look for bathrooms. These shades are typically made of fabric and will survive well in areas, not in direct contact with moisture. They also help to add a touch of comfort and warmth which brings together a more relaxed environment, while making sure the privacy and lighting aspects are not compromised.

Fabric Roller Shades

Roller shades with an assortment of fabrics to choose from is also another option that is both high in demand and a classy choice for your bathroom. These shades boast a beautiful and organized look that will blend in seamlessly especially with modern and minimalistic furnishing.

Woven Shades

Woven shades should be kept strictly to the drier areas of the bathroom, where there is zero to impossible chances of them becoming moist. These shades help to add a splash of personality with their texture and homely charm to the bathing area. When lowered for privacy, these shades will still allow natural light to bathe the room. However, if you are conscious about the material being woven too loosely, you can even choose to add a privacy liner. It is also recommended to use the exhaust after every shower, to avoid problems such as mildew and moisture from damaging the shades. With a natural wood woven shade, your bathroom is sure to look both aesthetically interesting and unique.

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