The Must – Do Things In Curacao

Curacao – the Dutch Caribbean Island is just like a paradise on the earth, full of exotic white-sand beaches, sparkling minty water, unsullied hiking trails, tropical rainforest, and man-made Dutch architectonic buildings painted in pastel colors. Outside of the hurricane belt of the Caribbean Sea, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao collectively earn the ABC islands title in the Dutch territory. The average 84°F temperature throughout the year and warm water are ideally perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving and other watersports. Besides admiring the serene beauty and diving in the underwater world, there are enormous attractions and outdoor activities to do in Curacao, from which some of the must-do pursuits are elaborated here for your ease.


Scuba diving in Curacao

As its warm water is ideal for watersports, snorkeling and scuba diving, there are guided packages for taking full advantage of seeing the underwater world. You would love to dive into a mesmerizing world of the never-ending array of coral, critters and creatures. You can access some of the diving regions right by the shores; however, many sites need a boat ride to reach and see the spectacular views beneath the surface.

While snorkeling near the Tugboat beach, you might be fortunate to get a look at a sea horse, or in a lagoon, there are chances to swim among stingrays and tropical fish.

Visit the Willemstad – the historic center

The capital of Curacao- Willemstad, is an excellent example of the European renaissance. A wide variety of historical attractions is worth seeing, including the Fortchurch, which is dipped in the fantastic sunny yellow color and exhibits the life remains of old Curacao from 1600.

Heart of the city; Handleskad is a strip of buildings in pastel colors at St. Anna Bay. One should never miss watching this picturesque, most famous and photographed architectural designs in the city.

Queen Emma Pontoon bridge (built-in 1888) can be watched swinging open and close from nearby café or restaurants. Its purpose was to connect Punda to Atrobanda.

Street art in Scharloo (Skalo)

A beautiful place full of artistic work is Scharloo or Skalo must be visited during the trip to Curacao. Local artists took a step to renovate the district’s layout and painted some of the masterpieces on the buildings to express the real liveliness of Curacao.

Swim with turtles at Playa Piskado

Nearby the Grote Knip (the most expensive beach in Curacao), a protected beach within a deep cove and with sheer cliffs on both fringe-the Playa Piskado is much away from the cruise traffic of the capital city-Willemstad. It is famous for the colossal turtle population in the region. Swimming with the turtles is undoubtedly an incredible escapade as they are not afraid to be closer to human beings and enjoy swimming with them as well.

Hiking in the Christoffel National Park

Christoffel National Park is the largest wildlife reserve in Curacao to find rare white-tailed deer, local-born own, unique wild orchids and much more. There are 8 hiking trails for beginners to experts. The shortest route is 20 minutes’ walk beside the white-tailed deer shelters. And if you are planning to go through the longest track, make sure you start it as early as possible in the morning to avoid the heatwave during the day.

Explore the Hato caves

The most extensive limestone on the island is 300,000 years old Hato caves. You can take in the background behind the stories about forming a pirate’s head and the sea tortoise from stalactites and stalagmites in this cool cave. Additionally, a cactus garden, waterfalls, pools, Madonna statue, and walking path await you in the cave.

Roll the dice in one of the island’s casinos

Curacao is one of the biggest casino spots in the world. It has a high-developed gambling infrastructure and casino-friendly laws. It’s also important to mention that CGC is located here. The abbreviation stands for Curacao Gambling Commission, and it’s a body that certifies the world’s famous online casinos. If you want to know more about those, you can check with. Casinomech – a big casino reviewing portal. Anyway, gambling can be entertainment only if you do it responsibly.

Curacao is a massive treasure of natural beauty with several must-do adventurous activities from underwater to city to mountains. You can expect to explore the underwater world, seductive and secluded beaches, mysterious caves, wildlife in the forests, hiking on mountains and wandering around the town to get the maximum from your visit to the heavenly island.

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