Relief Yourself of Stress Due To Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one sexuality-related issue for men which they are often embarrassed to talk about, even though it affects a very large percentage of them. For a satisfactory married or bachelor life, it is necessary to get rid of this problem. Of course, before that happens, men have to realize that they have a problem in the first place.

Stress Due To Erectile Dysfunction
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Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

When one is unable to keep an erection firm enough for a time long enough to enjoy sex, it is known as erectile dysfunction. A bit of problem from time to time is not cause for much concern, but it does increase stress, which could affect self-confidence and one’s ability to sustain a stable relationship. Symptoms of erectile dysfunction include the following:

• Very low sexual desire

• Trouble getting the erection

• Trouble in sustain the erection

Do You Need to see the Doctor?

There is no need to visit the doctor if this condition exists on its own. However, you do need to pay a visit if you notice the following:

• Other symptoms apart from the ones due to erectile dysfunction

• Linked health conditions such as diabetes, kidney problems, prostate problems or anything else that could be linked to this disease

• If you are experiencing other sexual challenges such as premature ejaculation

Treatment of erectile dysfunction can be done with the help of a drug called Caverject, which can be injected into men suffering from this problem. It contains the ingredient Alprostadil, recognized as a prostaglandin with vasodilatory properties. These days, it is possible for you to buy Caverject online by visiting the website of a reputed pharmacist in Canada. The drug comes with a simple ‘dial-a-dose’ system for your to set your own dosage. However, if you’re in need for more options or professional advice be sure check out the experts over at Golden State Urology Sacramento to assist you if ever you’re in the area.

Types of Conditions Treated by Caverject

Erectile dysfunction occurs due to a combination of several factors. Caverject needs to treat the actual conditions responsible for this problem in a particular person. Examples of conditions that can be treated include:

• Hormonal disorders

• Alcoholism

• Problems in blood circulation

• Injuries of the spinal cord or pelvis

• Specific kinds of surgeries

On the other hand, problems with blood or bone marrow could make erections last for more than 4 hours, which may result in permanent damage. All this information will help the doctor evaluate whether you are a fit candidate for the use of Caverject or not.

You will get to speak about these conditions, the underlying problem, and other possible health concerns to your doctor. For this, you will need to give him a few important details such as previously sustained injuries, medications being taken at present and other information as required. Always remember that Caverject cannot protect you from STDs, so you must wear condoms before sexual intercourse.

Side Effects of Caverject

People may experience the following side effects, although these are not visible on every person taking a dosage:

1. Headaches

2. Mild or severe dizziness

3. Pain at the injection site, which could vary from being mild to moderate

4. Some amount of redness or bleeding at the site of injection

Precautions after Caverject

After administration of the drug, you must never look to do the following immediately:

1. Drive a vehicle

2. Consume alcohol

3. Operate any kind of machinery immediately

4. Perform potentially unsafe tasks

5. Get immediate medical help if the erection lasts upwards of 4 hours. For a short erection, do not try to adjust the dosage on your own, but get medical assistance.

As a precaution before use, it must never be injected by women or children.

How does Caverject Work on your Body?

As soon as it is injected into the body, Caverject triggers off a chemical reaction in order to relax the smooth muscles present in your penis. Due to this, more blood starts flowing into the penis, resulting in an erection. The best part here is that it can be prescribed to individuals with spinal injuries, coronary diseases or nervous system surrounding the prostate gland as it does not necessitate a proper nervous system between the penis and the brain.

Stress Due To Erectile Dysfunction
Source: Pinterest

Available Dosages

When you look to purchase Caverject, you will find the following dosages available:

Name of drug Dosage (mcg/ml)
Caverject Impulse Dual Chamber 10
Caverject Kit 20
Viridal 40 Duo 40


Choose the one recommended by your doctor, and not as per your understanding.

Many online pharmacies are able to provide free shipping on orders – you must look for the same as well. It should also be easy to return the packages to these companies easily, if deemed necessary. Additionally, ensure that you purchase from a store that is regulated as per the Canadian regulatory authority.

Always ensure that you order Caverject from a reputed pharmacy on the Internet. At the best pharmacy store, you can be assured of getting the best customer service every time.

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